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July 14, 2020
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3D Dental Scanning Technology Maximizes Precision in Dental Implant Procedure

Dental Implant - Dental Alvarez

Have you noticed? Dental technology has come a long way! You know the X-Ray drill (no pun intended), a lead covering is draped over your body while the dental technician slips aside and takes the X-ray, a 2-dimensional rendering. The pictures assist in diagnosing and planning treatment. (1) 

Over time, 3-D technology has been introduced, these provides an amazingly valuable new picture from which to work.

3-D dental imaging uses an X-ray arm that rotates around the head, capturing multiple images. The images travel to a computer that combines them into 3-D format. Dentists get a very clear and concise picture cannot be seen with the naked eye, which makes it easier to safely diagnose and even customize your treatment.

The 3D CAT Scanning technology offers details such as bone density and preciseness of sinuses, tissue, and nerves—all extremely valuable information. As an example, the technology provides perfect high resolution pictures of the patient’s teeth, the bone structure of the jaw, and all areas involved when planning for a dental implants procedure. The pictures can be viewed and measured from different angles, and can be shared across different professional sites.

Dental Implant - Dental Alvarez

3D CAT Scanning – Dental Alvarez.

This can result in better planned all on 4 dental implants, and assurance for quality oral health care—and of particular value—for patients needing dental implants. Implants require extreme care in planning, a task improved with 3-dimensional technology. 

For decades, 2 dimensional x-rays were the standard imaging used by dental professionals for diagnosis and treatment planning for dental cases. This has changed! 

3-D Scanning Benefits

Today, modern implant design and the use of 3-D CAT Scans allow experienced dental professionals to perform surgeries, for example, of dental implants, and immediately place the new teeth attached to the implants. Research shows that when properly applied, this one-stage approach results in as good or better implant success rates as the traditional two-stage approach. Here are benefits:

  • Shortened treatment time (it is possible to go from tooth loss to having functional and aesthetic teeth in one treatment session)
  • Better clinical efficiency
  • Greater comfort
  • Reduces the need of bone grafts and sinus lifts
  • Patients can leave with fixed prosthesis instead of traditional removable temporaries

3D imaging has changed diagnostic records procedures, too. There’s no need to make and store physical models on every patient. The detailed views and information captured and stored from a 3-D scan lets dental professionals efficiently create customized appliances, achieving more predictable tooth movements. It also helps avoid root resorption or damage to surrounding structures. This modern technology elevates patient care. Patient appreciation is evident in smiles.

3-D Scanning Costs

It’s really no wonder that many conventional dental offices don’t enjoy this technology’s benefits: the 3-D scanning technology typically costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dental Alvarez, however, recognizes the overwhelming value of a technology that enables precise oral details for diagnosis and treatment. So how is the cost for the Tijuana dentist group at least 40% less than in the US?

US dental costs have skyrocketed—many dental offices cater only to those wanting high-end services. Further, only about ⅓ of the population has dental insurance, and that insurance covers little more than routine cleanings. 

The office of Dental Alvarez accepts most US PPO insurances as a payme. Our receptionist will take your insurance information and acquire a detailed breakdown of your specific plan benefits information.

3D Dental Scanning in Tijuana

3D Dental Scanning for dental implant – Dental Alvarez.

3-D Scanning Helps Patients Smile

Dental Alvarez has a broadened diagnosis (2) and treatment procedure, and our practice is devoted to beautiful smiles with the potential for life-changing results. It is no wonder that even our dental colleagues appreciate the thoroughness in care our 3D scanning technology offers their patients.

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