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4 things you must do after a tooth extraction – Aftercare instructions


Depending on the main reason it was necessary for the tooth extraction, aftercare may vary for each patient. There are several reasons a patient needed a tooth extraction, and the following are the most common:

  • Tooth badly damaged from trauma or decay beyond repair.
  • For orthodontic reasons, to achieve the correct bite position.
  • Advanced periodontal disease that caused loosening of the teeth due to bone loss.
  • The center of the tooth, the pulp, has been compromised, and antibiotics nor a root canal has stopped the infection.
  • High risks of infection from compromising the immune system of the patient with an autoimmune disease, chemotherapy, having an organ transplant, or medication side effects.

Follow aftercare indications as instructed by your dentisttooth-extraction-aftercare-indications

Due to the different situations in which a tooth may be extracted, the best indications to follow are the given by the dentist who performed the tooth removal, not only because he or she knows the clinical characteristics of your mouth but also because he or she has worked on the best treatment plan to replace this missing tooth or teeth when the time comes. We understand some dentists refer certain dental treatments to different specialists in the dental field depending on your needs and some are not in the same building, therefore is important to have a good communication with these dentists for a better understanding of your dental process.

  1. Gently bite down and keep pressure on the gauze pad placed by the doctor. In some cases, it would need to be kept constant pressure until bleeding lessens for about an hour. In other cases, changing the gauze may be required. The important factor here is to control bleeding by allowing the body to form a blood clot.
  2. Lower your physical activities for a couple of days or more if surgery was required on your tooth removal. Increasing the blood pressure with physical activity can make the extraction site bleed. Besides, the trauma the body went through may be taken differently by all people. It’s an easy process to do by the dentist, but creating the healing process takes energy from your body. For example, people with anxiety could trigger a moment of emotional responses they need to be in a calm environment afterward.
  3. Follow oral hygiene instructions given by your dentist because you also need to avoid using some mouthwash and anything that contains alcohol as it can irritate the wound and prolong the healing process.
    Brush areas around the site, avoid sutures if they were placed, and prevent anything from touching the wound.
  4. Use ice packs and prescribed medications to control swelling. If there’s a sensation or itching, or heavy swelling you need to contact your dentists in Tijuana right away. So, placing the ice pack on the facial areas near the extraction can also help you see how your healing process is going.

Extra point to remember:

Controlling your diet is also a way to contribute to your healing process. Not just by eating softer goods but avoiding spicy, acidic, greasy, and citric foods. Exposing your wound to these types of food can delay the healing process by irritating it and can even increase the possibility of infection developing.

Avoiding problems by preventing

Communication between specialists gives a better service to patients. That is one of the reasons why Dental Alvarez joins several specialists under the same roof, creating a better experience for patients not having to worry about miscommunication issues. We even count on a dental laboratory in Tijuana counting with advanced technology and have the ability to create the necessary prosthesis for the better wellbeing of every patient, all this at the disposal of our team.

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