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5 Incredible Dental Implants Transformations

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Your smile is important to you. It is one of the first things people notice about you. A good smile makes a positive first impression. When someone snaps a picture of you, there’s nothing like a genuine smile being captured forever. 

Dental implants are typically considered cosmetic and in many ways that is true. However, embarrassment over your smile can cause emotional distress. Dental implants are a more permanent solution for fixing or improving your smile. Implants are always the best way to go when looking for a less invasive and more permanent solution.

Dental Implants

Structure of the Dental Implant.

Dental implants are probably the best way to truly transform your smile in a manner that looks totally natural and can last a lifetime. Consider these 5 stories and see how incredible dental implants can be!

Patient #1

The first patient presented with a broken tooth. This wasn’t simply a small chip, but it had broken completely off near the gum to the point it was barely visible. The dentist removed the part of the tooth that remained and installed an implant that looked as though it was completely natural. All of this was done in ONE day and the patient was able to get back to normal activities right away.

Patient #2

Following a car accident, the second patient had three teeth badly damaged from hitting the dashboard. Two teeth were on the top and one was on the bottom. None were able to be saved. The dentist installed three implants. Making the consequences of the accident more bearable and making her smile one less thing to worry about.

Patient #3

As a young child, patient 3 was never taught good dental hygiene, resulting in numerous cavities and fillings. By the time the patient was 23 years old, his teeth were in such bad shape that the only option was to remove all of them. The patient was then faced with two choices: dentures for the rest of his life or dental implants. Understanding that dental implants would last decades if taken care of and would function like natural teeth, the patient chose implants. The patient then had a full, beautiful smile that gave him self confidence to embrace the future. 

Dental Alvarez

Dental implants are probably the best way to truly transform your smile.

Patient #4

Chronic gum disease haunts many people, especially as they age. Certain medical conditions make some people more prone to gum disease as well. This patient, a diabetic diagnosed at 35, was well on her way to chronic gum disease by the time she reached 50. At that point, root canals and crowns were no longer viable options, nor were bridges. Even at 50, this patient wasn’t keen on the idea of dentures. Her dentist informed her of the benefits of dental implants, and she decided that was the way to go. This patient had been working steadily on controlling her blood sugar and losing weight. Her smile had slowly become non-existent as her teeth and gums deteriorated. After receiving all-on-four dental implants she beamed with an amazing smile. 

Patient #5

Sometimes, genetics play a big role in how a person’s smile develops. This patient had been dealt genetically bad teeth. While she brushed every single day and flossed and kept up with all of her dental appointments, her teeth continued to break, chip and some never came in at all. As a young woman, she never felt like she could truly smile and often people thought she was angry or rude. Finally, after yet another broken tooth and failing crown, she has had enough. She burst into tears and the dentist suggested dental implants. She agreed to do them and left the dentists office smiling from ear-to-ear. 

For some people, dental implants may just be a simple cosmetic procedure. For others, it can offer a new lease on life. Self-confidence. Joy. Dental implants offer long-term solutions that look and feel completely natural. Dental Alvarez in Tijuana, Mexico is made up of highly-trained dental professionals utilizing the most advanced technologies for their patients. Call Dental Alvarez today to make an appointment! 

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