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Bruxism. What does that teeth grinding mean?

What is bruxism? A condition affecting millions of people where there’s grinding or clenching of the teeth.


One of the main causes of bruxism is stress and anxiety. Bruxism causes muscles to tense and this, in turn, causes headaches, back and neck pain, even misaligned teeth can cause bruxism. The most common time for teeth grinding is at night mostly because people are not aware that this is taking place.
There are many consequences of Bruxism, the most evident is the teeth being subject to constant stress can deteriorate over time, and if it’s too aggressive it can change the natural shape of teeth. Some people are not even aware that they suffer from this condition since it happens mostly at night when they are asleep and unaware of the pressure being applied to their teeth. It’s only when they wake up that they have a headache or jaw pain. It can even be a nuisance for their spouse.


Our specialist will evaluate the damage done to the teeth and then it will often recommend wearing a mouthpiece that can be used during the night and in severe cases during the day too. This professionally made night guard will prevent the teeth from scraping against each other while you sleep. The dentist may also have to restore damaged teeth with fillings or crowns to maintain the proper shape and size of the teeth.

While the causes of bruxism are varying from patient to patient it is recommended to treat the causes of stress, anxiety, depression and to find ways to relax like meditation and the practice of mindfulness. Even some eating disorders or a major life event like the death of a loved one can cause bruxism. Talk to your doctor about any of these symptoms. If bruxism is treated properly and in a timely manner we can help you prevent further damage to the teeth, it may be an easier solution than you may think.

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