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Our custom dental braces in Tijuana have helped patients develop healthy smiles and recover and improve their self esteem. Come get the orthodontic treatment you deserve.

There are few people who have perfectly naturally aligned teeth. If you’re not one of those lucky guys, the solution is orthodontics, which specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and carries out appropriate treatment to correct irregularities (both dental and facial) that may arise.

Having denture a little “crooked” or a larger upper jaw relative to the bottom of it (known as malocclusion), comes from having what we call “bad bite”.

To know whether or not you need to resort to some dental braces or orthodontic treatment there are some basic uses:

  • Teeth Straightening
  • Correct problems when chewing food
  • Close the spaces between the teeth
  • Align appropriate form of lips and teeth

If you have any of the problems mentioned above you should not let time pass, because it’s not just an aesthetic problem, but also an oral health one, people with these problems are more likely to develop tooth decay, disease in supporting tissues and abnormal tooth wear.


Remember that braces are just one type of orthodontic “appliance”, ask your orthodontist to suggest other appliances to align your jaw and teeth.

At what age should I start using braces?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends a first visit to an orthodontist by age 7, the age when front teeth are erupted. On this first visit, we evaluated skeletal growth patterns and redirect if necessary, in addition guiding the eruption of the teeth to the proper position. During the second stage we finish detailing the end position of the teeth due to the brackets.

What is the purpose of an orthodontic appliance?

These appliances (dental braces) are responsible for straightening the teeth, we position them steadily by applying pressure on the teeth and preserving them in a fixed position for a certain period of time.

Many children require braces made of rubber bands and wires to help pressure correct the teeth, the wires are responsible for repositioning the teeth while the rubber bands are used to correct alignment.

There are other types of braces that include a device that connects the wires from the head and neck to the teeth. However, these devices are only used in cases where you need a little extra help, and should only be used while sleeping or when you are home at night.


Adults are now able to improve the appearance and function of their smile without attaching the stigma of a metal mouth, ask for our clear options.

How much time it’s necessary to use tooth braces?

The time varies depending on the patient, but on average it is necessary to use for a period of two years.

Once they are removed, use either a wire retainer or hard plastic mouthpiece shaped retainer.

How can we clean our teeth with braces?

You need to be very careful when teeth cleaning while using some type of dental appliance. Therefore it is necessary to brush your teeth immediately after each meal, taking care to remove any residue that is left between the appliances.

One option is to ask the orthodontist for special floss to use both in and around the unit and another good tip is to use alcohol-free mouthwash.

To avoid further complications when cleaning, it’s recommended to eliminate certain foods like gum, candy and popcorn, as well as soft drinks and fruit juices as they can even cause tooth decay if you do not brush your teeth after they are ingested.

Are there alternatives to dental braces?

There are people who need (or simply want) to always present a perfect smile, and the use of braces simply it’s not an option, for all actors, models, or anyone who simply don’t want to use visible braces, there are some special brackets that are placed behind the teeth, which makes them invisible and ideal if the patient needs his teeth to always be visible.

This treatment is only available for adolescents and adults.