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For most people, a beautiful smile is the most obvious benefit of teeth braces. We believe that it’s more than just a smile. Straight teeth help an individual to effectively bite, chew and speak, contribute to healthy teeth and gums.

Properly aligned teeth and jaws may alleviate or prevent physical health problems. Teeth that function better also tend to look better. An attractive smile is a pleasant “side effect” of orthodontic treatment.

You may be surprised to learn that straight teeth are less prone to decay, gum disease and injury. Straight teeth collect less plaque, a colorless, sticky film composed of bacteria, food and saliva.

Orthodontics is a specialty responsible for correcting the position of the teeth and skeletal abnormalities taking into account facial aesthetics, dental aesthetics, articular health and periodontal.

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    Why Having Teeth Braces is Important?

    Our custom teeth braces in Tijuana have helped patients develop healthy smiles, recover and improve their self esteem. Come get the orthodontic treatment you deserve.

    There are few people who have perfectly naturally aligned teeth. If you’re not part of the lucky ones, the solution is orthodontics, which specializes in the diagnosis, prevention and carries out appropriate treatment to correct irregularities (both dental and facial) that may arise.

    Some of the dental and facial problems that most often occur are the following:

    • Crowding (teeth crowded due to lack of space)
    • Spaces between teeth
    • Open bite
    • Posterior crossbite
    • Dental protrusion or maxillary protrusion (upper teeth left)
    • Overgrowth of the jaw
    • Pain or jaw sounds

    The World’s Most Advanced Clear Aligner

    What are the Benefist of Having Dental Braces?

    These appliances (dental braces) are responsible for straightening the teeth, we position them steadily by applying pressure on the teeth and preserving them in a fixed position for a certain period of time.

    It´s necessary to make a thorough diagnosis to be able to make a personalized treatment plan that allows to establish clear objectives of treatment and that provide stability and function to each patient.

    Many children and adults require orthodontic treatment made of rubber bands and wires to help correct teeth by applying presure, the wires are responsible for repositioning the teeth while the rubber bands are used to correct alignment.

    Some orthodontics treatments are combined with therapeutic devices such as facial mask, mouthguards or palatal expander devices. This can be done prior or after your orthodontics procedure.

    How Long Will You Be with Braces?

    To integrate all the information it will be possible to elaborate the treatment plan that will continue in each case, will proceed to show the patient the clinical case, objectives of treatment as well as the time in which it will take place.

    In the diagnostic presentation the patient will be informed about the different systems indicated to treat his/her case, being able to choose between our different orthodontic options, from conventional brackets to the most innovative and aesthetic, personalized and self-ligating, resulting in more efficient dental movement and reducing the number of appointments.

    The duration of an orthodontic treatment will depend to a large extent on the malocclusion or crowding that each patient presents.

    Different Types of Braces

    Different types of orthodontic systems can be implemented to correct your smile at Dental Alvarez.

    However, you need to get a consultation with our specialists to determine the right one for you.

    These are the types of braces available:

    • Infant or first stage orthodontics: It´s main objective is to correct oral habits and facial discrepancies.
    • Traditional braces: Metal braces that for its cost and resistance are the most popular braces in the clinic.
    • Aesthetic Braces: Ceramic or sapphire braces that go unnoticed without changing color and are much less noticeable than metal braces.
    • Self-Ligated Braces: They allow continuous and light forces that decrease the treatment time as well as the number of appointments thus offering a faster treatment. We have both self-ligating metal braces as well as aesthetic.
    • Invisalign: System consisting of a series of invisible aligners that should be used 22hrs a day to achieve treatment goals. They are very comfortable and highly aesthetic

    Clear Aligners vs Regular Braces: Which is Faster?

    Teeth Braces have come a long way from the “train track” look of years ago. Today, many orthodontic patients can get braces that attach to the backs of the teeth or use transparent brackets.

    • Treatment time for traditional metal braces is usually 2-3 years while clear aligners braces require less time.
    • Traditional teeth braces show metal framework while clear aligners system uses clear braces and tooth colored wires.
    • Normal braces and clear aligners can vary on price.
    • Regular braces fix other dental problems about dental braces while clear aligners focuses on the cosmetic part of aligning the front teeth.

    How much do Dental Braces cost in Mexico?

    Dental TreatmentsDental Alvarez
    Metal Braces$2,500 dlls
    Zaphire Braces$3,000 dlls
    Self-Ligated Metal Braces$3,100 dlls
    Quick clear Self Ligated Braces$3,400 dlls
    Invisalign$4,500 – 5,000 dlls
    Retainers Set$250 dlls

    What Patients Say

    Had a great experience. Went in to have 3rd molars extracted. Had them both out in about 10 minutes! Felt very comfortable there. They have underground parking, so you don’t have to leave your car on the street. The price was great (compared to U.S. costs). They were very professional. I’ll be back soon for the other side!

    Marcus Field


    Again I have to say the best place for dental work. Amazing staff, dentists, and assistants. I’m a huge chicken when it come to dental work. Not once did I feel uneasy or even pain. I had 8 lower teeth pulled. Go back in November for implants.

    Zack M.

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