On-Site Dental Laboratory in Tijuana

At Dental Alvarez Laboratory we have 5 years of experience in our CAD-CAM system improving the aesthetics of our patients and exceeding their expectations.

Being part of Dental Alvarez Group we improve our delivery time on dental restorations, in terms of the patient’s need.

We are a dental laboratory specializing in metal free fixed prostheses.

We have the latest technology, with our flow and digital system optimize the time for the development of dental rehabilitations up to 40%.

We are the only dental lab in Tijuana with the complete digital system of Straumann CAD-CAM, for oral rehabilitations on Straumann Original implants.

From design to milling.

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Dental Restoration in Less Time

Our delivery time in terms of materials we have them below, being the most competitive market in the area, exclusive use of Dental Alvarez Group.

One of the greatest advantages of having a dental lab inside the same building is the communication that exists between the dentists and the lab for teamwork.

If the patient requires a restoration in less time, we can do it on the same day, being emax crowns.

Lab Procedure Days
Diagnostic Dental Wax-up 4 Days
Personalized titanium abutments from Straumann 2 Days
Personalized hybrid abutments from Straumann 2 Days
Emax Veneers 3 Days
Emax Crown (Monolithic) 3 Days
Emax Crown (Porcelain) 4 Days
Zirconia Crown (Monolithic) 3 Days
Zirconia Crown ¾ (Porcelain) 4 Days
Zirconia Crown (Porcelain) 4 Days
Zirconia Bridge (Monolithic) 3 Days
Zirconia Bridge ¾ (Porcelain) 4 Days
Zirconia Bridge (Porcelain) 4 Days
Temporaly crown CAD-CAM PMMA 2 Days
Inlay Crown (Ceromero) 3 Days
Onlay Crown (Ceromero) 3 Days

What Patients Say

Had a great experience. Went in to have 3rd molars extracted. Had them both out in about 10 minutes! Felt very comfortable there. They have underground parking, so you don’t have to leave your car on the street. The price was great (compared to U.S. costs). They were very professional. I’ll be back soon for the other side!

Marcus Field


Again I have to say the best place for dental work. Amazing staff, dentists, and assistants. I’m a huge chicken when it come to dental work. Not once did I feel uneasy or even pain. I had 8 lower teeth pulled. Go back in November for implants.

Zack M.

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