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    Replacement of crowns

    Replacement of crowns in the upper and lower part of the jaw to improve teeth appearance.

    17-crowns-before-and-after-dental-alvarez 18-crowns-before-and-after-dental-alvarez

    Placement of upper and lower crowns

    Placement of upper and lower crowns, and replacement of lower posterior crowns in patient with wear and discoloration.


    Rehabilitation treatment on the upper and lower teeth

    Complete rehabilitation treatment on the upper and lower teeth on patient with wear on the teeth structure.


    Complete rehabilitation (upper and lower)

    Complete rehabilitation of upper and lower part of the teeth structure in patient with missing teeth.


    Replacement of crowns

    Replacement of crowns in the upper part of the dental structure to restore teeth functionality.


    Placement of crowns (upper and lower)

    Placement of crowns in upper and lower jaw to restore the appearance of teeth.



    Upper arch rehabilitation with metal-free crowns. The patient showed severe wear and pigmentation.



    Bridge placement to a patient who showed maladjusted fixed prosthesis and wear on the adjacent teeth.


    Complete rehabilitation

    Complete full mouth rehabilitation with metal-free crowns and bridges on the entire upper arch, individual crowns in the frontal sector or the lower arch, and a bilateral removable partial on the lower back. The smile was enhanced by improving the color, restoring the anatomy, and closing the evident gaps, plus the function of chewing was regained..


    Complete rehabilitation

    Male patient in his forties who suffered from severe wear on both his upper and lower arches. To rebuild the lost enamel and regain the lost vertical dimension a complete full mouth rehabilitation with metal free crowns was performed. Enhancing not only the appearance of his smile but the bite’s functionality as well.



    Placement of metal-free crowns to a patient with problems of wear, pigmentation and receded gums.



    Placement of metal-free crowns in a patient with a fracture and pigmentation in upper central teeth.



    Replacement of metal fused to porcelain bridge to zirconia metal-free bridge.



    Rehabilitation of the lower dental arch with metal-free crowns in a patient with wear and discoloration.

    Crown replacement

    A fracture can cause discoloration of your teeth, therefore metal-free crowns can prevent fractures to go deeper and maintain the desired aesthetic of your smile.

    Crown replacement

    Lack of hygiene for a prolonged time and fluorosis can affect the appearance and condition of the teeth. Metal-free crowns help improve the appearance of the smile.

    Crown replacement

    Wear presence in multiple teeth especially in the occlusal surface of your teeth and on the neck of them, near your gum line are can cause severe issues not only aesthetically but also functionally. Eight metal-free crowns were placed on this case to stop further damage.

    Crown replacement

    Patient with fluorosis and metal crowns. In this case our patient had worn out his existing metal fused to porcelain crowns and as a results a dark line on the edge of the teeth started showing. This is not an issue with porcelain and/or Zirconia crowns.

    Crown replacement

    It is of utmost importance to take every aspect of a patient’s teeth into account when restoring a damage tooth with a crown. For example, fluorosis condition, matching prosthesis to natural existing teeth is a challenge we can achieve thanks to our full equipped in-site laboratory.

    Crown replacement

    We help improve your smile by placing metal-free crowns.

    Dental crowns

    Placement of metal-free crowns to patients with abrasion problems.

    Dental crowns

    Patient with severe wear problems, solved with metal-free crowns.

    Dental crowns

    We improve our patient’s smile by placing metal-free crowns.

    Dental Crowns

    One of the principal functions of a crown besides restoring or reconstructing a tooth or multiple teeth is also to stop severe wear of the enamel.



    If a patient is not satisfied by the color, size and/or shape of his or her teeth one of the best options to improve these aspects being minimally invasive are veneers.



    We helped our patient achieved an ideal smile by placing porcelain veneers from the first bicuspid to the first bicuspid on her upper arch. To determine this was the best treatment plan for her a complete oral evaluation was done first .



    To renew our patient’s smile from the damage cause from wear and pigmentation, zirconia crowns were placed in the lower arch.



    By placing porcelain veneers, we help protect our patient’s teeth from wear, pigmentation and fissures.



    Total rehabilitation with crowns.



    Placement of 13 anterior, upper and lower crowns.



    Complete rehabilitation with crowns.



    Upper arch rehabilitation with crowns and bridge.



    Full rehabilitation with crowns.


    All on 4 Dental Implants

    Placement of upper and lower implant-supported zirconia prosthesis.


    All on 4 Dental Implants

    In the case of a male patient with severe unrestorable tooth damage, we opt for multiple extractions and all-on-four complete implant rehabilitation for both maxilla and mandible..

    All on 4 Dental Implants

    Teeth with major wear or damage, as a result of lack of maintenance or untreated dental conditions in a prolonged time can cause serious issues. All-on-four is a dental treatment designed for patients that have lost all their teeth of their teeth are no longer in good conditions to be kept in mouth. Thanks to procedures like these we can improve the functionality and appearance of the smile.

    All on 6 Dental Implants

    We return hope to our patient by showing him a better option, which in his case was the placement of the All on 6 zirconia implant-supported prosthesis.


    All on 6 Dental Implants

    All On 6 implant surgery and implant-supported prosthesis placement.


    All on 6 Dental Implants

    All On 6 lower implant surgery and implant-supported prosthesis placement.


    Upper and lower implant-supported prosthesis.
    All on 4

    This procedure consists on replacing all teeth in both arches over a certain number of dental implants to restore the natural function of the teeth.


    Dental Implants

    Rehabilitation in the upper arch in patient to improve oral health.


    Crowns on Dental Implants

    The final stage of an implant is the restorative part, which is placing the implant supported crown.


    Gum graft

    Taking care of your gums is important to avoid and prevent gum recession and enamel wear. This can be stopped or prevented with simple changes in our brushing techniques and stopping bad habits like chewing hard objects.


    There are cases in which the gum is the one that should be part of the process and not the teeth. Only a periodontist is the one who analyzes the option of a gingivectomy, or better known as crown lengthening, to give you a harmonious and aligned smile without the need of performing cosmetic procedures to your actual teeth.



    Rehabilitation in the upper arch in patient to improve oral health.


    Complete rehabilitation (upper and lower)

    Complete rehabilitation of upper and lower jaw structure in patient with chipped and discolored teeth.


    Smile makeover and crown placement

    Smile makeover and placement of posterior crowns in the lower part to treat chewing problems.


    Smile makeover

    Smile makeover to improve dental appearance and restore teeth functionality.


    Complete rehabilitation (upper and lower)

    Complete rehabilitation in the upper and lower part of the jaw to treat weary teeth.

    Smile Makeover and crown placement

    Smile makeover procedure and placement of a crown over the implant to treat missing teeth.

    Smile Makeover

    Patient suffered from several dental issues, fractures, gummy smile, wear, and discoloration. To enhance the aesthetic of his smile, the full upper arch of his mouth was rehabilitated with zirconia dental crowns.

    Smile Makeover

    Smile makeover in patient with discoloration of teeth.

    Complete restoration

    Complete restoration to a patient who presented wear, loss of dental pieces and deteriorated crowns.

    Smile makeover

    Improved dental appearance with metal-free crowns and gingivectomy to show a new and healthy smile in a patient with fractures, gummy smile, discoloration, and wear.

    Smile Design

    Female patient lost her veneers performed by another provider, and her teeth were left expose and with a rough texture. Besides protecting the non-insulated dentine, we enhance her smile by placing new dental veneers.


    Complete rehabilitation

    Rehabilitation of the upper and lower arch with metal-free crowns for a patient with severe wear.


    Veneers. Smile Makeover

    Transforming the smile of our patient through an aesthetic treatment, in which 6 porcelain veneers were placed to improve her smile.


    Veneer replacement. Smile Makeover

    This patient had receding gums. This problem was solved after changing her existing veneers for new ones. The smile was improved considerably and she was very happy with the results.


    Veneers. Smile Makeover

    Fractures increase the risk of teeth changing its original color.


    Smile Makeover

    Female patient

    We give our patients the smile they desire.


    Complete rehabilitation

    Lack of professional attention and personal care of our teeth can cause us severe damage.


    Complete rehabilitation

    A complete rehabilitation returns dental functionality and aesthetics.


    Complete rehabilitation

    A full detailed and professional diagnosis could make the difference in preserving your teeth and obtaining you the smile you want.


    Complete rehabilitation

    We help improve the functionality and condition of your teeth. Above all, to preserve your teeth as long as possible.


    Smile Makeover

    Wear on our teeth can cause low self-esteem and nerve damage if unattended on time. Veneers are an excellent aesthetic solution.


    Smile Makeover

    Resolve wear and tear on your teeth with porcelain veneers.


    Complete rehabilitation

    We transformed our patient’s smile by reconstructing his entire mouth with metal free crowns. This complete rehabilitation in zirconia crowns gave his teeth the strength and support needed to avoid wear out or damage in the future.


    Complete rehabilitation

    We complemented our patient’s smile by combining a bone-anchored skeletal expander, orthodontic treatment, and a complete rehabilitation with metal-free crowns. Thanks to this full comprehensive treatment plan not only the aesthetic were enhanced, but also the bite was corrected.

    Smile Makeover

    We helped our patient regain confidence by reconstructing his smile with metal-free crowns (zirconia). Elaborating a detailed and dedicated process of smile design to take into consideration even the smallest of details.

    Complete rehabilitation

    An emotional transformation thanks to complete rehabilitation. Metal-free crowns were placed to rebuild tooth structure lost to enamel wear on all her teeth, thus achieving the desired results.


    Smile Makeover

    Full rehabilitation with crowns and veneers (8 lower veneers).


    Complete rehabilitation

    Placement of 6 porcelain veneers.


    Smile Makeover

    Placement of 16 veneers (lower and upper).


    Complete rehabilitation

    Complete rehabilitation with crowns and implants.


    Smile Makeover

    Full rehabilitation with crowns and implants.


    Complete rehabilitation

    Full rehabilitation with crowns, bridges and implants.


    Smile Makeover

    Upper veneers placement.


    Complete rehabilitation

    Placement of 4 upper anterior veneers.


    Smile Makeover

    Placement of 14 veneers, upper and lower..


    Complete rehabilitation

    Placement of 4 anterior and upper veneers.


    Smile Makeover

    Smile makeover for patient with chipped, discolored and uneven teeth.


    Dental composite

    The passage of time can cause leaks in the amalgams, especially when they have been in the mouth for a long time, periodic attention or replacement is important.


    Dental composite

    Resins, unlike amalgams, are very aesthetic and biocompatible.

    Dental fillings

    Restoring the health of teeth with fillings that need attention.

    Dental fillings

    Amalgams over time or due to lack of attention, need to be replaced.


    We changed amalgams for inlays, improving the appearance of the teeth and left cavity-free.


    Give your teeth a natural-looking restoration.

    Dental composite

    Maintaining the resins helps to prolong their natural mouthfeel.

    Dental composite

    Tooth fractures cause more than just discoloration problems. Take care of this issue as soon as possible.


    Dental composite

    Injected resin veneers placement.


    Dental composite

    Injected resin veneers placement.

    Injected resin

    By making a smile design we determine the best for each dental situation. In this case for the type of fracture presented in the patient, we decided the injected resin was the best method to rebuild and give back the aesthetic of the patient’s smile in a non-invasive way.


    Dental cleaning

    We help remove the stains caused by cigarettes, although the most difficult part is to quit, you can do it and we can help you revert the damage or tooth discoloration cause by this habit.


    Dental cleaning

    Within dental cleaning, the removal of stains is given priority.


    Dental cleaning. Braces

    When using braces it is more important to pay attention to dental cleaning. Since the accumulation of plaque and calculus between the teeth is more prone.


    Cleaning dental calculus

    Experience the feeling of relief after a good dental cleaning.


    Cleaning dental calculus

    Cleaning and removal of calculus (tartar). The patient had an accumulation of calculus in the lower anterior teeth.


    Dental cleaning

    Improving the health quality of our patients in each dental cleaning. We can appreciate how by removing the tartar stones, the teeth look healthy, and problems in the future such as bone lost, or irritated gums are prevented.


    Cleaning dental calculus

    Curettage and deep cleaning.


    Removing dental calculus

    Our habits affect our oral health, as well as the appearance of our teeth. Smoking, drinking, wine, tea, or coffee can cause staining of the teeth.

    What Patients Say

    Had a great experience. Went in to have 3rd molars extracted. Had them both out in about 10 minutes! Felt very comfortable there. They have underground parking, so you don’t have to leave your car on the street. The price was great (compared to U.S. costs). They were very professional. I’ll be back soon for the other side!

    Marcus Field


    Again I have to say the best place for dental work. Amazing staff, dentists, and assistants. I’m a huge chicken when it come to dental work. Not once did I feel uneasy or even pain. I had 8 lower teeth pulled. Go back in November for implants.

    Zack M.

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