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Digital Diagnosis and Planning in a specialized Dental Clinic in Tijuana


Digital Diagnosis and Planning in dentistry have become an indispensable process for implant surgery, and other surgical dental procedures such as sinus lift and bone grafting, since by making use of this new technology the margin of error is drastically reduced.

These especial important technologies recently implemented in dentistry are:

  • Intraoral scanner
  • CBCT scan or dental tomography

The union of both technologies, intraoral scanning and a dental tomography provide a better overview of the patient’s mouth. But what are the benefits that bring these processes to our patients? Exact, precise, and predictable surgeries. Find out why in the following sections.

Benefits of using intraoral scanning technologydigital-diagnosis-and-planning-dental-implants

Intraoral scanning, it’s a camera device in the shape of a pencil that is introduced inside the mouth. It captures a series of pictures that the software converts into a three-dimensional full image of the jaws, mainly of the teeth structures, and the soft tissues.

The benefit that brings to the oral surgeon are:

  • Comfort
  • Full structure analysis

Being able to analyze in detail the full structure of the jaws without the patient being present, giving the dentist time to take everything into account without taking the time of their patient. Also, for the patient, it is very comfortable because the use of conventional trays that can be uncomfortable or provoke nausea and vomiting are eliminated.

Benefits of using CT scan

In the case of the CT scan, the tomography consists in capturing radiographic images of the hard tissues, both teeth and bone structures and building them into a three-dimensional view. The benefit that gives to the dentist is that they can measure the distance in a specific cut considering the frontal and sagittal planes.

For example, the sinus which is a vital structure and needs to be taken in consideration when planning in implantology, and measuring the exact length towards the sinus, or also to measure the distance between the conducts in which nerve endings run, that are very important when measuring the length of the implants. Without this essential tool the mentioned measurements would not be possible to be performed in exact accuracy.

The surgeries are exact, precise, and predictable

We always invest in the latest technology in dentistry in order to guarantee our patients the best results and most comfortable experience. At our practice we believe quality oral health should be accessible for all, which is why our team of specialized dentists in Tijuana create a personalized treatment plan and budget for each patient that arrives at our facilities.

At Dental Alvarez we are certified dentists in Tijuana, with more than 35 years of experience, providing unique and innovative technology for every need in dental health.

If you have any questions about this process or any other dental issues, get in contact with us.

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