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May 10, 2021
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Do I need cosmetic dentistry for small teeth, or what’s the correct solution?


Do I need cosmetic dentistry for small/short teeth? If so, what is the correct dental procedure for this condition?

Most people think they need cosmetic dentistry for small or short teeth. In these cases, an experienced dentist will perform a complete check-up to verify any condition causing your teeth to look short or small, and the best option to treat you. Small or short teeth are not always due to a condition. Sometimes it is just your natural anatomy, and you might require a different dental procedure to improve the aesthetic of your teeth.

Deciding between General or Cosmetic dentistry

Finding the right solution
It is important to be well informed about the possible conditions that might cause their teeth to look small or short. We recommend visiting your dentist to confirm what is causing it:

  1. Passive eruption
  2. Teeth grinding or bruxism
  3. Dental malocclusion
  4. Uneven gum line

Identify the reason, get a proper solution

The only way to get it rightcosmetic-dentistry-for small-teeth-get-the-proper-solution
One or more of the conditions mentioned above might be causing you problems without you acknowledging it. Having an in-person consultation with your dentists in Tijuana will provide a reliable evaluation of whether you’re a suitable candidate for cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers, bonding, gingivectomy, dental crowns in Tijuana, or another type of dental treatment.

Knowing the source of your small or short teeth will provide better results in the long term. The right solution will be determined by the unique condition of each patient. One that extends the lifetime of your teeth, improves their functionality and then follows a process that gives you the perfect smile you desire, always having your long-term health as our priority.

Cosmetic dentistry solutions available

Options are available
Porcelain veneers are one of the approaches primarily used in cosmetic dentistry. Teeth aren’t made bigger; dentists can use braces to make space for your teeth to properly show up or place veneers if it’s just an aesthetic circumstance.

Dental veneers are entirely customizable, which means you will have the most natural-looking smile possible. In addition, veneers are made from a durable material, providing a long-lasting solution for everyone. But most importantly, they won’t interfere with your bite. This is why if you are struggling with an uneven bite or dental malocclusion, it needs to get fixed first, and then you can get veneers.

Composite bonding is another option. It is a quicker one but has a shorter lifespan. One of the advantages of composite bonding is that it is a non-invasive procedure. Compared to veneers, the composite bonding will not make it a permanent decision. There’s no drilling done to the teeth and is directly done in the mouth. Therefore, it is completed in a single appointment.

Leave the decision to an experienced professional

Make your appointment today
Get a consultation with our cosmetic dentistry specialized dentists in Tijuana for your personalized solution. It’s okay to have small teeth. There are times when it is caused due to a genetic condition, so don’t blame yourself for a natural situation. You are beautiful, and you can get the smile you desire.

Call us today at (619) 734-0233, and together, let’s get you the smile you aspire.

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