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Health risks associated with Dental Amalgams and the safer alternative.


There have been plenty of discussions about the risks associated with mercury-based amalgams, however, it’s been proven that it does not pose a risk for the human body except for pregnant, and breastfeeding women or the patient who needs to have one or more amalgams removed, in such cases the dentist needs to isolate the area by creating a dike so the waste fro the mercury amalgam is not accidentally ingested.

To prevent patients from breathing mercury gases when removing the amalgam, oxygen is used frequently. One major disadvantage of amalgams is that due to their metallic nature they need some space to be able to retain the tooth, such space is much wider than what a resin needs and sometimes it’s necessary to remove even healthy tissue to achieve good retention since only resins are done with an adhesion technique.

Despite proven studies on the safety of the use of amalgam in patients, we can’t say the same for the environment, even if amalgam containers are treated as toxic waste and safely handled, sometimes when they are incinerated it can create harmful gases being released into the atmosphere and precipitate in the form of rain reaching water sources and food supplies, this in turn can cause long-term effects in human health since mercury is not discarded by the body. Other times mercury gases are released when a person dies and it’s incinerated, so amalgams can have repercussions beyond the dental patient.

Perhaps the most telling sign of the risks associated with amalgams is not with the patient but with the doctor performing the procedure, since even with protection measures he could be constantly exposed to mercury during this seemingly routine procedures, and over the long run this could have severe adverse effects on the dentist’s health.
The safe alternative of Dental Resins
Dental resin is made of a synthetic material and is colored the same as the tooth, it looks more aesthetic and it is seamless as opposed to amalgams which present a dark spot when smiling. It is also the favorite option of patients because of its health benefits and caries are removed and covered without unsightly residues. Dental resins are not an invasive procedure, it doesn’t need more space like the amalgam to cover the removed caries. Dental resins are also an organic polymer which makes it an easier more flexible material to work with and it’s much more adaptable to dental anatomy.

What is the procedure?
Oftentimes it is required to use local anaesthesia to make the process less complicated, our specialist will remove the caries, then refill the space with a resin and curate it with ultraviolet light. After-care required is the same as with general dental hygiene, brush, floss, rinse and take the normal care of your teeth.

At Dental Alvarez we stopped using amalgams for over 10 years due to our patients preference and the more comfortable procedure for them. Our dental lab is metal-free and we use the highest quality resins so you can have a perfect and more than anything natural smile.

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