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How often do you replace an Invisalign retainer?


Removable orthodontic alternatives (clear aligners) have a shorter lifespan than traditional removable Hawley or clear retainers; the main reason is that they both have different purposes to accomplish, if after a proper evaluation and a full orthodontic diagnostic you and your orthodontist have decided Invisalign retainers (clear aligners) are the best alternative for you, make sure you clearly understand how often to replace each Invisalign retainer (aligner) and equally important place close attention to the sequence in which they need to be replaced.

Even though this system is designed and elaborated in a sequence from aligner number one to the very last one, and some clear aligners are advertised as a treatment that can be done at home without professional supervision, this is not advisable. Therefore, to ensure the treatment is following the predesign sequence and that the expected results are being accomplished without any unexpected complications, ensure that you follow the recommended progress checkup visits.

Compared with conventional fixed orthodontic appliances, Invisalign retainers (aligners) can be removed, and if not used for at least 22 hours a day, your Invisalign treatment can extend for more than the originally planned timeframe.

Although the aligner set is rarely recommended to be worn for more than 3 weeks before disposal and replacement, this does not mean that you don’t have to give them proper maintenance and care. It is important that you keep them clean and remove them when you eat to prevent them from breaking or staining.

Here are some common indications of how and when your Invisalign retainer needs to be replaced:dentalalvarez-how-often-to-replace-invisalign-retainer-common-indications

  • Jump to the next set every 15 days or as indicated by your orthodontist.
  • If you detect a crack or your retainer broke, contact your orthodontist for indications.
  • If you have lost your retainer (aligner), contact your dentist immediately for suggestions.

Incidents occur and situations beyond our control can happen. The best way to take better care of Invisalign retainers is to practice proper oral hygiene routines on your retainer and your mouth. Be organized and follow a routine to avoid unexcepted incidents.

With diligent care, you can achieve the perfect smile with straight teeth. It all comes back to the proper care done by the patient towards their oral health and discipline. All the guidance and attention for the appropriate Invisalign retainers’ treatment can be provided by our specialized dentists in Tijuana.

Suppose you do not qualify for Invisalign retainers to achieve the proper alignment of your smile. In that case, we can also assist you if you decide on getting conventional dental braces in Tijuana.

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