The advantages of using a TRIOS intraoral scanner in our dental practice
November 25, 2020
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December 30, 2020

How the latest technology in dentistry provides comfort to patients


Providing the best to our patients is not only about the latest technology or equipment available in dentistry and in our practice, but it is also about the continuing education and actualization of each one of our specialists. Constantly there is new knowledge that can be applied in the procedures performed to our patients, new studies, new techniques, new equipment, and continual upgrading of how treatments can be done to increase the oral health standards of everyone.

The concept of modern dentistry is not only to do minimally invasive treatments and offer a long-lasting solution but is also about providing each patient a more comfortable experience while performing the necessary dental procedures to improve their oral health. Contrary to people’s beliefs going through a dental process does not have to be painful or uncomfortable, proper diagnostic elements such as x-rays, CT scans and intraoral scanners have help us improve the elaboration of our patients’ treatment plans and the panning of their procedures required, to perform them in the least appointments possible, taking special consideration with people that experience anxiety when it comes to dentistry. In surgical procedures having sedation is a good option because it allows our patients to be in a more relaxed state.

Besides sedation, there are modern teeth straightening techniques in which clear aligners are in the equation, allowing more alternatives to metal braces. You will have to take into consideration that everything depends on a case-by-case scenario, a complete analysis of the patient’s mouth is needed to give a final decision of the treatment that can be taken into account.

Meeting the needs of patients to have less dental appointments

Some of the dental procedures that have been improved thanks to the technology acquired at our practice are: Same day metal free crowns and bridges and Dental Implants. The best dental crowns and bridges can be made in the dental office during a single day visit, thanks to 3D dental scanning and our in-site laboratory here at Dental Alvarez we can make this possible. Having all the equipment in our facilities also provides the ability to get quicker results in other dental specializations. We have the appropriate CT scan machine and 3D intraoral scanner to digitally plan dental implants, clear aligners, and smile designs and by digitally planning these, the risk of failure is reduced to almost zero percent.

What has been improved:dental-alvarez-latest-technology-in-dentistry

  • No more uncomfortable and repetitive processes:
  • X rays machines have been made safer
  • Digital information from the x rays is now available
  • More natural looking, strong, and secure teeth replacements
  • Less anxiety build-up for anxious patients

Latest dental x rays technology available

  • Panoramic dental x-rays are images that capture a dimensional wide view of a patient’s entire mouth. They show very important details such as bone level, areas with infection, root, and tooth positioning, especially for wisdom teeth removal, even though they don’t show in detail soft tissue and nerves, this does not mean they are not useful, each study is used to diagnose and treat different dental issues.
  • A TRIOS Intraoral scanner is a good substitute for the use of dental molding, but it is also used for other purposes too. An intraoral scanner captures a direct optical impression. A light source projects onto the area to be scanned, which provides the images from the sensor into the computer software to produce a 3D dental model. Which makes it quicker to provide any type of dental prosthesis transitional, permanent, fixed, or removable or even for orthodontics aligners
  • A CT Dental Scan, better known as a Dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CT scan) is made by an x-ray arm that rotates around the head, which captures multiple x – ray images and it computerizes them to create 3D cross-sectional images of the jaw, maxilla, and teeth. Making it possible to have a very clear and detailed manipulable three-dimensional image of your entire mouth and its component: teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways, and bone levels, such as thickness and density. This is the main reason our dentists in Tijuana use a 3D dental scan to provide a treatment plan that will give their patients a long lasting solution with the best esthetic result possible, especially if it’s for implants, sinus lift, and bone graft.

Here in Dental Alvarez, besides having the latest technology in dentistry, we count with specialized dentists in Tijuana for each area of dentistry. We have your entire family covered because we can help from: pediatric dentistry to provide dental assistance to elders, all ages are able to get the best dental service in Tijuana at the best cost.

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