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December 3, 2020
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How to prepare for a dental implant surgery


The most important fact to consider in how to prepare for a dental implant surgery is your mental and physical well-being. The first and most important step is to choose a professional and experienced team of dental specialists. The team with the correct and up-to-date technology will allow them to collect detailed data to elaborate a precise diagnosis and a digital planning of your surgery, avoiding any complications and to drastically reduce the risk of failure. Once you feel comfortable with the choice of dental team, and your doubts and concerns are solved and explained thoroughly, going into dental surgery should have more assurance of your safety.

Eating well is part of a healthy balanced life

Having a proper diet is the best ally in the recovery of any surgery, in dental surgery is no exception, so taking care of your good food intake will help. Not just for properly giving nutrition value to your body, but also helping your mind stay sharp. Make sure no question is left out when it comes to the types of food you can and cannot eat after surgery.
Proper eating habits are not only surgery related but a habit worth keeping for the rest of our lives.

Ask what type of sedations are available

Make sure you discuss with your dentist the difference among them and which one is better for you. Some have prolonged effects and you might not be able to drive home yourself, therefore assistance from a friend or a family member might have to be arranged.

Here is a list of the most common sedatives:

  • IV Sedation, intravenous and semi-conscious.
  • Local anesthesia, the most common are lidocaine, carbocaine and epinephrine, based on your medical history your dentist will determine the most recommendable for you.
  • Laughing gas
  • Anxiolytic, even though this is not an anesthetic, is great for people that suffer anxiety when having dental treatments performed and in combination with local anesthesia is a great alternative for IV Sedation.

Choose your comfiest outfit

Even though dental chairs are designed with the patient’s comfort in mind, it’s best if you can be as comfortable as possible when it comes to clothing. Loose and soft fabrics are the way to go. Avoid the use of make-up and jewelry as well, for a more comfortable experience.

Get your musical or podcast playlist ready


You can have your headphones on if music helps you relax and distracts you, the procedure can be a bit noisy, and these could get you nervous. Having music that allows you to keep you calm and entertained is a good idea.

If you are taking medication

Be sure to inform your dentist and doctor about planning on going to the dentist for implants, some medications would need to be stopped at least 10 days prior to the procedure, to diminish the possibility of excess bleeding after the surgery.

Be in good communication between your general practitioner and your dental specialists.

Dentist will provide specific information

Your dentist will provide specific information for your unique case on how to prepare for dental implant surgery. Each patient has a medical history that should be taken into account, especially when going under surgery.

General steps on how people prepare for dental implant surgery

  • Be sure to ask any and all questions you have about the procedure to your specialized dentists in Tijuana.
  • Have someone accompany you so they can drive you back home, or have the hotel have a pick-up service to get back to your room
  • Check if it’s require to take antibiotics before the surgical procedure
  • Don’t smoke or chew tobacco
  • Don’t drink alcoholic beverages
  • Ask about your sedation

Always on your side

At Dental Alvarez we are certified dentists in Tijuana, with more than 35 years of experience, providing the care you deserve and unique and innovative technology for every dental health need. We look forward to helping you with your dental implant acquisition.

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