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How to Teach Good Dental Habits to Kids, that will last a lifetime?


Here are some tips and advice on how to teach good dental habits to kids that will last a lifetime. If you are a parent and have children at home, keep reading to know how you can achieve that successfully.

Adults are very familiar with the struggle it takes to develop and keep new habits, even if these are aimed to improve our overall health, success, quality of life and many other positive conducts.

Luckily, for kids, this comes a bit easier. Children are experiencing the world at the same time they are learning from it, many things are new discoveries, therefore the opportunity to present a single step consistently can become a new habit.

Creating a new habit is less complicated than suppressing an existing one and replacing it with the new desired habit. By not having a bad habit, there’s no resistance or friction when it comes to integrating a new one.

The best way to develop a habit is through a routine. Basically, your kids will have good dental habits if you present them as normal steps they do on a daily basis. But we know that with very young children, integrating a daily and basic activity such as eating healthy can represent a struggle or a challenge, therefore we would like to share with you a few helpful steps.

Here are some practical steps you can take to teach good dental habits to kids:

  1. Be an example.how-to-teach-good-dental-habits-to-kids

They will do as they see. If you want your kids to have good dental habits, you have to start having them yourself.

You will be surprised at how many kids learn just from observing and imitating. 

Have your own routine: floss, brush your teeth, brush your tongue, and rinse. Make sure you make it a parent and child activity. 

  1. Encourage consistency.

Habits will only solidify through consistency. 

Create a routine that is easy to follow step by step. The entire family can do it together!

  1. Make it fun.

Singing a song on the topic of brushing teeth, talking about the tooth fairy, having colorful toothbrushes, etc. These are some examples of how you can make it more attractive for your child.

  1. Visual support.

An interactive timetable for your kid’s habits is a great way to encourage good behaviors. Allow them to feel proud when they achieve little wins in their routine.

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