The importance of kids going to the dentist periodically
May 30, 2022
Get any of our dental restoration solutions to keep smiling
July 1, 2022

In Tijuana, Dental Alvarez has the best dentist for families.


Are you looking for the best dentist for families? Then, Dental Alvarez is the best place to go. We have the best dentists in Tijuana. For more than 35 years we have helped thousands of patients to improve and recuperate their smiles in a caring, relaxed, and friendly environment, not only for adults but also for children.

With our passionate pediatric dentist, your child could not be in better hands. Having the possibility to take your kids to the same dental clinic in Tijuana as your parents and yourself makes it convenient and practical, especially for those with busy schedules. Dental Alvarez has the perfect family environment, providing children, adults, and elders the safe and premium care they deserve.
Our specialized dentists in Tijuana, together with our staff, strive every day to give their best to treat you and your family professionally and with the care you deserve. At Dental Alvarez you can get assistance for any dental issue. From dental implants, periodontal conditions, missing teeth, dental decay, cosmetic treatments, and kids dentists in Tijuana.

We can help your children with any dental ailment and preventive procedures. Our pediatric dentist is specialized in carrying out preventive procedures and treatments for all diseases related to children’s chewing and tooth organs; and will make sure to take care of your children and make them feel safe and comfortable.

At Dental Alvarez, we provide various treatments for children, adults, and elders. We have grown as a company and have witnessed the growth of many of our patients. Some started as young as pediatric patients and now even bring their own children. We are proud to say we are a family company. Your entire family can come to us for their dental needs, we will be happy to help them.

Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and to offer our patients a relaxed, friendly environment. We want to help them preserve their natural teeth and maintain their oral health at a maximum level. Our costs are significantly more affordable than the average costs in the United States and we are located just a few minutes away from the San Ysidro border, helping you not only with your family’s oral health but also your economy.

We are the best dentist for families; we will ensure that everyone has the correct treatment and everything is safely done. Our priority is to keep your family safe, provide them with the best service, and make them feel at home. Dental Alvarez is the dental clinic you will want to bring your family to.

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