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Is it better to get an endodontic retreatment or an implant?


Once you have gone through a root canal treatment and later this tooth shows signs of infection, filtration, or decay, and your dentist suggests a retreatment, it is very likely that after the uncomfortable and tiering previous experience of a root canal the thought of debating between an endodontic retreatment of an implant crosses your mind as tiresome. It is very common and understandable, especially if at that moment you are in pain. You just want to get rid of it as soon as possible. But do not let a distressful moment lead you to take a bad decision, always ask for the pros and cons of the options you have and make sure you question the percentage of success of the given options.

When the root canal retreatment compared to an implant has a lower rate of success, is best to go for the dental implant even if preserving your natural teeth is always the best and first option, this does not apply when the possibility of achievement of preserving it is minimum. In dental situations such as this, is better to extract the damaged tooth and place an implant to substitute the missing tooth and the sooner is done the better, to avoid further damage or bone loss that can put at risk the teeth next to the injured tooth.

Analyzing and doing retrospective studies


The possibility of examining all the data recollected from the previous root canal treatment can provide a better retrospective view, this becomes an easier process when the specialized dentists in Tijuana have all the technological equipment needed for analyzing the current stage of the issue allowing them to give you a proper diagnostic and proposing the best treatment plan option.

Here are some specifications dentists consider when providing a treatment plan:

  • Are there any fractures involved and in what areas of your tooth are these fractures?
  • In case of infection, what areas of the tooth and its surroundings have been invaded? And has the infections caused bone loss?
  • In case the patient never restored the tooth previously treated with a root canal with a crown, how long has this tooth been exposed?
  • If the tooth shows signs of decay, how deep is this decay?
  • Is there any external medical circumstance that the patient is going through that might be affecting?

Considering a solution together

There is no better way to take the right decision than having the opinion of an endodontist and a dentist specialized in implantology in the same consultation visit. Let´s not discharge the possibility that the problem can be periodontal and if this was the case, among our dentists’ associates you can also find a periodontist in case the implantologist and the endodontist suggest an inter-consultation to consider every single aspect before providing you with a final diagnostic.

Here are some considerations your dental team should consider as well:

  • Studies have shown that an endodontically treated natural tooth has a 94 percent chance of survival if adequately cared for after treatment.
  • An implant placed into bone has a 95 percent chance of surviving when adequately maintained. However, implant cases may experience longer-term complications such as abutment loosening and implants not fully integrating into bone.

Get all you need together under the same roof

When a root canal infection returns to affect your health, it might occur months or even years after the initial procedure. To decrease the problems of such circumstances, here in Dental Alvarez, we have specialized dentists in Tijuana, all under the same roof, making it easier to be checked by an endodontist, periodontist, or a dentist specialized in implantology.

Learn how to obtain an All on 6 or all on 4 dental implants in Tijuana if you are more interested in the dental implant option. Our team will be ready to answer your questions and plan the treatment best for you.

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