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Our kids dentists or pediatric dentistry in Tijuana specializes in carrying out prevention, and treatment of all diseases related to the chewing and tooth organs of both children and adolescents.

Dentistry and pediatric dentistry are very similar, the major difference between the two lies in the treatment of caries, because smaller patients still have milk teeth, which implies some modifications to the procedure.

Besides treatment of tooth decay, which is the most common dental problem among children, because of the uncontrolled intake of foods with high concentration of sugar (such as candy), there are other recurring procedures that are performed to smaller patients and are the specialty of pediatric dentistry in Tijuana.


Besides treatment of tooth decay in kids, there are other recurring procedures that are performed to smaller patients and are the specialty of pediatric dentistry.


1. Pulpotomy

This procedure involves removing the nerve pulp chamber when wear of the teeth of children has exposed the pulp, for which a material is placed in order to fill this space.

2. Space Maintainer

This name is known to the device that is placed when the patient has lost a temporary tooth. The objective of this device is placed merely aesthetic, but rather it is a procedure required to keep the space in the teeth, this in order to avoid permanent loss of the space, any deviation or over dental eruptions.

3. Sealants

It is made of plastic material that is commonly applied in the chewing surfaces of the premolar and molar teeth. This plastic resin is inserted and then adheres.

Sealants operating through various irregularities and depressions of these surfaces which function as a kind of barrier, which helps protect the enamel of dental plaque acid; importantly, to carry out this procedure we require that teeth are healthy.

4. Applying fluoride

Fluoride is a substance used by dentists in order to avoid further injury to the teeth that have dental caries. Upon making contact with the teeth fluoride makes the tooth enamel become more resistant, keeping them from being damaged either by bacteria or by the acids formed when the patient eats and doesn’t brush his teeth.


Regardless of the dental health in children, it is necessary to regularly go with an expert on pediatric dentistry in Tijuana, as the condition of your child’s teeth can change very quickly.

Professional Dental Cleanings

Healthy teeth from six months ago, can quickly become vulnerable to decay or misalignment due to changes in diet or oral habits, such as in something that seems insignificant as it is scrumptious.

Besides visual examinations, pediatric dentists perform professional dental cleanings every visit. Of course having good dental hygiene habits at home is very important, but these professional cleanings serve as an excellent aid to remove the face plate and the remains of food that are often caught between the teeth, all to maintain a healthy smile.

Prevent, Detect and / or Eliminate

X-rays often are the only way we have to identifying small cavities formed in younger teeth, which over time can increase its size causing problems like tooth decay and childhood periodontal disease.

It is important to inculcate the habit of going small with the dentist, as well as it is a recommended practice, this way you can have a record of oral health from an early age, so we can monitor the various changes that occur over time, and to prevent, detect and / or eliminate as soon as possible any problems that might arise.

In short, child dentistry is recognized worldwide for its quality and its long term cost benefits.