What is Periodontics?

It is the specialty of dentistry that it’s objective is the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases that affect the tissues that surround and support the tooth or its substitutes (implants). As well as the replacement of teeth and support structures by regeneration and implantation.

Good oral hygiene does not only refer to the care of our teeth but to the care of our mouth and gums, which is usually a neglected or incorrectly treated area.

There are multiple brushing techniques and attachments that provide us with different benefits. Each technique and attachment is personalized with each patient according to their needs, it is very important to massage our gums correctly so that they remain healthy.


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    The prevention of periodontal diseases are based on periodic check up appointments with the periodontist

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    Periodontal Diseases

    What are Periodontal Diseases?

    The most common periodontal conditions are: gingivitis and periodontitis. That is, when there is redness, inflammation, pain, bleeding and / or infection in the gums.

    It is the inflammation of the gums caused by the accumulation of bacteria on our teeth. Once the disease begins to progress, it manifests itself as redness, swelling and gum bleeding caused by poor hygiene.
    At this point we still have time to solve the problem with periodontal treatment since the damage is not so severe.

    It is the next stage of gingivitis, once we have reached this stage, it is very difficult for the damage to be reversed since at this point, there is mobility in the teeth, which most likely indicates bone destruction and can cause the loss of one or several teeth.

    The plaque has become calculus (better known as tartar) and has attached to the surface of your teeth not only above gum level but also underneath it. Once this tartar is removed, it is very likely that the tooth has irreversible damage if not treated on time

    Prevention of Periodontitis

    What can you do to Prevent a Periodontal Disease?

    The prevention of periodontal diseases is based on proper oral hygiene, timely diagnosis, and periodic review appointments with the periodontist at least once a year.

    It is very common that we forget to attend the dentist for our biannual appointment for routine cleaning, however, if it becomes a bad habit of postponing it, and we do not carry out adequate oral hygiene, this can cause long-term problems that could even be irreversible.

    It is recommended that brushing last approximately 2 minutes to be able to access the farthest places in the mouth. Most of us live in a hurry and do not take the time to brush properly, on many occasions we brush our teeth in 30 seconds or less and we do not realize that due to the rush of the moment, we may be brushing aggressively because we believe that “the harder we brush, the cleaner” right?

    This could not be further from reality, if we brush aggressively we cause our gums to activate a defense mechanism and begin to retract, this over time causes the root of our teeth to gradually be exposed causing sensitivity, aesthetic problems, and discomfort when brushing.

    What are the causes of periodontal disease?

    It is a multifactorial disease or one of many factors that can predispose or facilitate its development.
    These factors include the following:

    • Poor oral hygiene
    • Smoking
    • Genetic predisposition
    • Pregnancy, Menopause or hormonal disorders
    • Stress and poor diet
    • Diabetes, hypertension or systemic diseases
    • Medication

    Symptoms of Periodontal Diseases:

    • Bleeding gums
    • Change in color of your gums
    • Longer teeth sensation
    • Changing the position of the teeth
    • Dental mobility
    • Bad breath or halitosis
    • Increased sensitivity to cold
    • Pain

    How much does Periodontics cost in Mexico?

    Lista de precios de tratamientos dentalesDental Alvarez
    Periodontal Maintenance$70 dlls
    Periodontal scaling and root planing four or more teeth per quadrant (close flap)$100 dlls
    Crown Lengthening (Soft tissue)$100 dlls
    Periodontal scaling and root planing four or more teeth per quadrant (Open flap)$350 dlls
    Bone GraftStarting from $300 dlls

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    Had a great experience. Went in to have 3rd molars extracted. Had them both out in about 10 minutes! Felt very comfortable there. They have underground parking, so you don’t have to leave your car on the street. The price was great (compared to U.S. costs). They were very professional. I’ll be back soon for the other side!

    Marcus Field


    Again I have to say the best place for dental work. Amazing staff, dentists, and assistants. I’m a huge chicken when it come to dental work. Not once did I feel uneasy or even pain. I had 8 lower teeth pulled. Go back in November for implants.

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