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July 16, 2020
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Polyoxymethylene (POM) Temporary Dentures

POM Temporary Dentures – Dental Alvarez

Usually, dentures are made of a special acrylic. However, nowadays there are very resistant and biocompatible alternative materials for immediate dentures; for example, those used after a procedure such as All on 4.

Polyoxymethylene (POM) Temporary Dentures

POM Temporary Dentures – Dental Alvarez

In the past, this process used to be considerably longer as patients had to have analogue impressions taken with materials that, although they are fast setting such as alginate or other impression materials, the time the patient spent in the chair was much longer and thus, more uncomfortable.

Technological advances have helped us to make these steps a lot shorter and more comfortable. For instance, an impression is taken from the patient with an intraoral scanner that transmits the images in real time to a software program that creates a file, which is immediately sent to the laboratory for manufacturing.

Once in the laboratory, the process of fabrication of the POM immediate denture begins. This is a multi-purpose material with high resistance and durability, as well as minimum moisture absorption. Its manufacturing is considerably faster than that of conventional temporary dentures.

POM Temporary Dentures

POM Temporary Dentures – Dental Alvarez

This POM prosthesis is fabricated the very same day of the surgery; therefore, the patient will only have to wait a few hours while relaxing and waiting for the anesthesia to wear off. Once the immediate denture is finished, the patient will have to return to the clinic, where the denture will be placed by screwing it to the implants that have just been placed.

With this temporary POM denture, the patient will get a preview of what in a few months will be the definitive denture of the material selected.

This relieves the patient from the worry that the denture might break. Being firmly screwed to the implants, it will not have to be removed.

At Dental Alvarez we use and rely on this technology to make our patients’ recovery as comfortable as possible. Temporary dentures, besides being very resistant, are very aesthetic and lightweight.

We encourage you to ask about this and more alternatives that are offered here at Dental Alvarez.

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