Find which dental insurance covers root canals in Tijuana
March 26, 2021
What to expect if the alternative to a root canal isn’t working?
April 17, 2021

Providing affordable prices for root canals without insurance

Even if you have dental insurance, prices for root canals in the United States without insurance may be way out of your budget, and your insurance will only cover a portion of it, what can we do to help you? Take advantage of Medical Tourism! Thanks to this, our specialized dentists in Tijuana are a good option for your dental health and your finances.

It could be a vacation or just an hour drive to the border

At Dental Alvarez we can provide a shuttle service to pick you up from the San Ysidro border and safely get you into our dental clinic, free of charge. That way our foreign patients don’t have to struggle to navigate in a city they are not familiar with and get on time for their appointment.

What’s most important is that dental issues get properly evaluated and treated with the best dental treatment, always with a long-lasting solution as a first and only option. Our commitment is to prevent minor problems to become serious medical complications or any propagation of infection although it may seem hard to believe, if an infection is left untreated or not treated on time, it could even endanger your life.

Proper treatment of a root canal starts with an evaluation

In order to determine if an endodontic treatment (most commonly known as “root canal”), is the right and only treatment, we need to analyze your oral health. To preserve your tooth your mouth proper professional examination is needed, such as x-rays. At Dental Alvarez, we have an on-site dental laboratory in Tijuana.

Evaluating details such as bone loss, fractures, area and size of infection, and remaining tooth structure after damaged tissue is removed are very important factors that our endodontist in our dental clinic needs to take into consideration when making the decision whether root canals in Tijuana is the right treatment to solve your dental issue.

Maybe you don’t want to have a root canal done, having a second opinion could give you better peace of mind. Acknowledging the need to have the issue taken care of, as fast and professionally as possible is crucial.

Affordable prices for root canal in Tijuana

Dental treatments in Tijuana can save you a lot of money and time, without risking quality, every procedure in Dental Alvarez is done by a certified dentist. We are able to offer dental services between 50% to 70% lower in costs compare to average prices in the United States. In our dental clinic, we have different dental specialists available under the same roof, and we are located just 10 minutes away from the San Ysidro border, in the heart of Tijuana.

Dental Treatments Price ListDental Alvarez
Root Canal (anterior tooth, premolar)$250 dlls
Root canal Molar$300 dlls
Retreatment anterior/premolar$300 dlls
Retreatment molar$350 dlls
Post and core build up$100 dlls
Zirconia Monolithic Crown$400 dlls

We do accept American insurances if you have one

Call us today to find out more details about any dental treatment you might require. At Dental Alvarez we are always available to help you navigate towards a healthy smile.

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