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Symptoms of infection after a root canal and/or crowns treated tooth


If you are experiencing symptoms of infection after a root canal and/or crown treated tooth, these symptoms can range from barely perceptible to excruciating pain. Regardless of the range of pain or discomfort, the first and best action is: Get contact with a dental specialist to have a proper comprehensive oral evaluation together with PA´s x-rays. Sometimes your dentist might require additional studies such as a CT Scan, to discharge internal tooth fractures not noticeable with conventional x-rays, having a proper diagnostic is essential to determine what is happening internally.

There are several reasons that might provoke or contribute to the redevelopment of infection after a root canal treated tooth, the most frequents are:

  1. Roots not cleaned, treated and sealed all the way to the tip.
  2. Crowns and/or build ups are not sealed properly.
  3. But there are a few cases in which your dentist specialist did everything properly and you followed all after care instructions precisely, in any case if discomfort or pain is present a follow up appointment is needed to solve any possible issues.

The following is a list of the most common symptoms you should be aware of and alert, depending on each individual patient’s medical history, these symptoms could differ, therefore the first advice is to get in contact with their specialist.

Symptoms of infection before or after a root canal treated toothinfection-after-root-canal-and-crown-symptoms-dentists-in-tijuana

  • Tenderness or pain
  • Sensitivity to change of temperatures (Hot/Cold)
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Swelling
  • Dental abscess

Solutions to an infected root canal

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, get in contact with your dental specialist as soon as possible. Dental Alvarez counts with several specialized dentists in Tijuana with the most up to date technology and equipment in their branch of dentistry, including a root canal specialist that implements the use of an endodontic microscope when performing endodontic therapies and root canal retreatments.

  • Root canal retreatment: consists of removing the restorative materials from the canals of the roots, to properly drain, clean, and disinfect the bacteria that cause infection.
  • Apicoectomy: procedure in which an access is created thru the gum and bone at the level of the tip of the root to directly access the infection and remove it, this might be combined with bone graft if the infection was not treated on time and it destroys the bone around it.

These treatments are performed to solve the issue without having to extract the affected tooth. Such procedures will need to be taken in consideration when infection is present after a tooth was previously treated with a root canal.

If the issue is detected soon, it will have a better opportunity of a quicker and full recovery.

Symptoms of infection around and/or underneath a crown

  • Tenderness or pain when biting
  • Sensitivity to change of temperatures (Hot/Cold)
  • Gum swelling

Solutions to an infected crown

It’s important to discover what ‘s causing the pain or discomfort, tooth decay, bacteria in the crown surroundings or a fracture for example.

  • Resolve the tooth decay under the crown
  • Define the source of the infection properly, to treat accordingly.

An issue targeted on time has a better opportunity for a favorable prognostic if treated at an early stage. In other words when it comes to detecting a problem, the sooner the better.

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