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The advantages of using a TRIOS intraoral scanner in our dental practice


The advantages of using a TRIOS intraoral scanner in our dental practice comes when acquiring the measurements, and fewer overall appointments for our patients. Here at Dental Alvarez, we always invest in state of the art technology in order to guarantee our patients the best results and most comfortable

How to have fewer appointments and quicker results?

A TRIOS Intraoral scanner is a good substitute for the use of conventional dental molding, In fact is by far better than dental moldings because thanks to its technology it automatically gives the dentist a three dimensional view of a patient’s entire mouth and its components both hard and soft tissues, including their tones and shades. An intraoral scanner captures a direct optical impression. A light source projects onto the area to be scanned, which transports the images from the sensor into the computer software to produce this 3D dental model. Which makes it quicker to digitally design and elaborate dental prosthesis, such as crowns, veneers, and bridges regardless if this prosthesis is implant-supported or not and is very useful even for mouth records used in orthodontic invisible aligners.

Creating the optimal dental treatment plan3-shape-trios-intraoral-scanner

In order to create the correct treatment plan for your mouth, taking in consideration both the esthetic and functional aspects, we need to collect proper and precise details of your teeth. To gather these proper details, we have implemented the TRIOS intraoral scanner to avoid the discomfort of traditional dental impressions.

The TRIOS intraoral scanner provides our dentists with instant and more accurate results, hand in hand with a pleasant and comfortable experience for our patients.

The advantages of using a TRIOS intraoral scanner

Always with our patients’ needs in mind, we take into account that we need to have the equipment and technology that best provide the dentists and technicians with what they need to fulfill the best result. Having the TRIOS intraoral scanner at our disposal combines both: patients’ comfort in mind and the proper measurements taken for technicians and dentists treatment plan.

The best of the TRIOS intraoral scanner is:

  • Capturing all dental arch information of the patient, having a 3D impression
  • Patients with strong gag reflexes (or too young) will be able to avoid the discomfort
  • Enable reduction of time and materials used, reducing costs
  • Dentist and dental technician can have a better communication, having a better feedback about the impressions, allowing it recapturing easier and in the spot
  • No more plaster casts
  • Patience feel more involved in the process and more compelled to take further steps in their oral hygiene health

Is there a possibility that I need more than an intraoral scan?

In some cases, the intraoral scan is not enough, and it must be combined with other elements, such as a panoramic film or a CBCT scan. It all depends on the situation in which the patient is going through. Here in Dental Alvarez, we count with the latest technology in dentistry available. We have in our disposal: panoramic x ray, CT scan, and an on-site dental laboratory in tijuana.

Besides having the technology, we count with several dentists specializing in different areas of dentistry. We have your entire family covered because we can help from: kids dentists in tijuana to dental assistance for elders. All ages are able to get the best dental service in Tijuana at the best cost.

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