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Titanium vs. Zirconia Implants

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Titanium and Zirconia are two types of dental implants that a patient can choose from to replace a single or several missing teeth. When a patient needs to replace a missing tooth that once was secured in the jawbone, titanium and zirconia implants are excellent choices to do this.   

Let’s take a look at the two implant types in more detail. Once you’ve learned the basic and necessary information you need to know about the two implants, take a look at the main comparisons and see what option is best more suitable for you. Talk things Discuss details over with your professional team to be sure and move forward when you’re ready.


Titanium dental implants are most commonly used. However, they are a bit more noticeable due to the color of titanium and the thinness of the patient’s gums 

According to many leading dentists around the world, for aesthetics, the titanium option is ideal for the teeth in the back of the mouth, molars and bicuspids. Such implants provide more primary stability, this means they hold on to the bone more firmly since day number one, therefore the perimplantar reabsorption is minor

Titanium Dental Implant

Titanium Dental Implant | Dental Alvarez.


Some people are allergic to titanium dental implants due to the metal integrated into the device. When such an occurrence happens, dental professionals lean towards suggesting zirconia dental implants instead. Generally speaking, zirconia is better accepted by the human body in most cases.

Zirconia dental implants are also very discreet considering the highly developed implants naturally adapt to the bone and color of the tooth or teeth it is adhering to or around.

As far as recommendations go, zirconia dental implants should primarily be used for the anterior teeth. In this area, the teeth and surrounding mouth offer a higher absorption rate, which leads to the implant fusing to the area more naturally.

Zirconia Implant

Zirconia Implants.


When comparing the two dental implants procedures, people often look at the following to make a decision:

Cost → Zirconia is often more expensive than titanium. Insurances do cover many dental implants, but if the dental implant is not covered by your plan, the cost of zirconia may exceed the cost of titanium considerably.

Placement → Whether the dental work needs to be conducted in the front, side, or back side of the mouth. Many dental professionals will have their own opinion, as does Doctor Ricardo Alvarez, stated below. Some areas of the mouth may be able to work with either titanium or zirconia.

Durability → Titanium does last longer and is more durable. This dental implant option has been around longer and has a sturdier reputation. Zirconia is a little newer on the market, but it does still have some promising features, especially when it comes to the look of the implant.

Dental Implants

Titanium vs. Zirconia Implants.

Doctor Ricardo Alvarez of Dental Alvarez often states, “Although there are distinct differences in the primary stability and secondary structures, I recommend Titanium for posterior and Zirconia for anterior teeth, for a better aesthetic.” 

Dental Alvarez

People often wonder how much are dental implants, for the entire mouth or a single missing tooth and if this dental treatment is recommendable for them? 

Dental Alvarez can help you determine what your cost would be for any dental implant chosen.

Call (619)734-0233 today to visit the clinic and inquire about the dental care services that Dental Alvarez offers in Tijuana. The clinic accepts U.S dental insurance, offering care services at reduced cost or even no cost at all with your dental coverage. If you call today and send in your basic insurance policy information, the phenomenal team over at Dental Alvarez will assist you in getting the answers you’re looking to find.



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