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What are All on four dental implants and How Does It Work?


All-on-four dental implants and implant-supported prostheses are designed for patients whose natural teeth are missing or are no longer in good conditions to be preserved. This could be due to multiple reasons: bone loss, gum disease, advanced decay, fractures, wear, to name a few.

If you suspect of needing this dental procedure here at Dental Alvarez, our dentists in Tijuana can make a complete oral evaluation, x-rays, CT scan, and intraoral scan to determine the best option for you according to your dental conditions.


All-on-4 improves a person’s smile aesthetic and functionality of the bite. However, this dental treatment is not the right option for people with healthy teeth who are only seeking to enhance their smile’s appearance. For these patients, procedures such as porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, gingivectomy, composite veneers, and even dental whitening are better alternatives.

What is the All On 4 procedure and why is it used?

The All-on-4 procedure replaces the missing teeth of an entire arch with just four implants (as the name suggests). Four implants are strategically distributed to accomplish the function of the support mechanism to place a new set of fixed (not removable) teeth in the entire maxilla or mandible, depending on the necessities of each patient.

Dental implants replace missing teeth. Two dental implants are inserted into the bone with a 45-degree angle toward the back of the mouth and other 2 in a straight position towards the front. This method does not require as much bone density and quantity as conventional dental implants, making it possible for almost everyone to qualify for it without additional dental treatments such as bone graft or sinus lift augmentation.

Benefits of All on 4

  • Many people get new confidence after getting All on 4 implants. Their smiles are completely renovated and durable, so they don’t need to worry about losing them.
  • They also don’t need to be worried about shifting or loosening any of the artificial teeth, giving them the opportunities to be able to chew comfortably and with assurance.
  • Recovery time for traditional implants typically ranges from three to eight months; with All on 4, the recovery time of phase one is reduced to two weeks or less.
  • Titanium implants can last up to 30 years, but full arch hybrid dentures or full arch zirconia prostheses will wear out in approximately 10-15 years. It is proven that patients that do biannual checkups and maintenance cleanings have their prostheses for longer and in better conditions.

Let’s talk about the approximate cost of an All on 4 procedure

In the U.S., All-on-4 treatments could cost up to $26,000 dollars, but if you come to Dental Alvarez, our specialized dentists in Tijuana can provide the highest quality service, and it would only cost you less than half the price, compared to U.S. costs, without risking the quality and rate of success.

The procedure costs less than replacing each tooth separately, and the vast majority of patients are fully satisfied with the results.

If you or anyone you know needs this type of treatment, dental implants in Tijuana, or any similar treatment, be sure to contact Dental Alvarez. We are a Tijuana-based dental clinic that offers an excellent quality of service with more than 35 years of experience at a competitive cost.

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