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What Are the Root Canal Removal Benefits for Oral Health?

Are you familiar with the root canal removal benefits? Although it may sound scary or even painful, it’s not like that at all. This dental procedure provides great advantages, and thanks to the technological advances in the dental field today, it is now more comfortable and safer than ever. If you’re looking for a place to get this treatment done, look no further than one of our endodontist specialists in Tijuana, who can gladly assist you with this procedure. The growth of medical tourism in Tijuana, especially in dentistry root canals, has a high demand nowadays.

Do You suspect of needing a Root Canal Treatment?


Do you feel any pain when you chew food? Do you have extreme sensitivity or discomfort to temperature changes, such as cold water or hot coffee? Or even worse, constant pain without any type of stimulation? If you want to know what is causing it or how your oral health is in general, contact us for a clinical oral evaluation and x-rays to determine if this is the most appropriate dental treatment for you.
There are some cases where a root canal is needed for restorative purposes, such as a misaligned tooth that needs to be restored and taken in the right direction or position with a dental crown.

This dental treatment consists of the following series of steps:

Step 1- Create cavity access towards the back or occlusal surface area of the tooth.
Step 2- Remove the infected pulp (small tissue located at the tooth’s center).
Step 3-Clean and disinfect the canals all the way to the tip of the root to drain and remove the infection.
Step 4- Restore the previously made cavity access and reconstruct the removed damaged tissue.
Step 5- Remove temporary material and fill permanently to prevent bacteria from entering the root canal
Step 6- Place a dental crown over the tooth to restore the shape and give it a natural appearance and regain its natural functionality.

Bacteria and other microorganisms can not only damage your tooth’s protective surface, called enamel. If not treated at an early stage, decay can overpass the enamel’s barrier and go all the way to the nerve, located at the center of your teeth, which can cause irreparable damage to it. Therefore, the root canal is the appropriate dental procedure that treats the infected pulp.
It is important to be aware of red-light symptoms of nerve damage or infection before the caused damage becomes higher. These indicators could be one of the following or a combination of them:

  • Swelling
  • Tenderness of the gums
  • Bumps that look like pimples
  • Movement of the tooth
  • Tooth discomfort

Root Canal Advantages

The root canal removal benefits go from saving the natural tooth to improving dental appearance to eliminating pain and infection to preventing major damage such as bone destruction or keeping the infection from spreading to other parts of your body such as your throat or neck. After undergoing this dental treatment which is a great alternative to tooth extraction, you may experience some tooth sensitivity or discomfort; it is a normal symptom that following your dentist’s indications and taking the given prescription as indicated will decrease until it completely disappears within a few days. Some over-the-counter products that could serve as complements are tooth-sensitivity oral care products. If the discomfort does not decrease 3-5 days after your root canal procedure, make sure you contact your endodontist because a progress checkup appointment might be required.

Here are some of the advantages of the root canal treatment:

-Prevents tooth loss
-Prevents tooth infection
-Boosts the appearance of your teeth
-Prevents your jaw bone from deteriorating
-It is a minimally invasive and painless procedure
-Prevents infection from spreading to other parts of your body

At Dental Alvarez, we have the best dental crowns in Tijuana. If good-looking teeth appearance is what you’re looking for, we offer you the right treatments to help you achieve it. Contact us today and learn more about our dental treatments that will improve your quality of life and elevate your confidence when you smile. At our practice, you can find the best cosmetic dentist in Tijuana to help you achieve your dental goals.

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