Digital Implant Planning: The Best Dental Clinic in Tijuana
August 21, 2021
What is a guided dental implant surgery?
August 31, 2021

What is a digital implant surgery, and what equipment do clinics need to perform it?


When it comes to replacing single or multiple missing teeth, implants are the best solution available, and undergoing this procedure with digital implant surgery is even better. The benefits of digital implant surgery, also called digital navigation implant surgery, are many. They make a big difference in the final result regarding success, functionality, comfort, and esthetics.

Our oral health is extremely important, and that is why we take care of it daily and as best as we can. However, sometimes diseases, oral health conditions, injuries, or other problems can occur and not all of them can be controlled by our actions. Therefore, we need to go to certified dental care professional to get a solution.

What are the steps of digital implant surgery?

  • A digital implant surgery starts with the collection of data from the patient’s mouth.
  • Then, clinical pictures of different angles of the patient’s face and mouth are taken to properly plan the design of their prosthesis according to their dimensions, proportions, and characteristics.
  • Continuing with a CT scan to evaluate the dimensions and density of the bone where the implant is needed or planned to be placed, to assure the characteristics of the bone are adequate to receive the dental implant or if any additional procedure such as bone graft is needed, to guarantee the success of the surgery.
  • Finally, an intraoral scan of the entire mouth is performed to do a tridimensional computerized replica of the patient’s mouth, the soft and teeth tissues are shown in every dimension to take every detail into consideration.

The combination of these important elements helps our dental surgeons increase precision to assure results. So, if you are looking for premium dental care for the placement of your dental implants, look no more you can get it here at Dental Alvarez.

What are Digital Dental Implants?


Digital implants are common titanium or zirconia implants, but before they are placed, they are digitally planned with the help of the most advanced technology. Implementing a sophisticated system as part of our processes and protocols helps us give our patients reliable and amazing results.

One of the differences between traditional dental implants and digital dental implants is the minimal incision needed by using a 3D CT scan to check the bone condition and nerve position before surgery.

This helps decrease:

  • The recovery period
  • Risk of swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Risk of infection

Relying on an x-ray that provides us a dimensional view of performing surgery in a three-dimensional area is a practice from the past.

The expertise of Dental Alvarez to provide the right Dental Implants

Thanks to the more than 35 years of experience of our founding and leading dentist and his specialist and professional associates, we can provide dental services in all areas of the dental field, including orthodontics, endodontist, cosmetic, periodontist, prosthodontics, pediatric dentistry, implantology and many more.

For example, in the periodontist and implantology areas, digital dental implants are our specialty.

In multiple implant restorations, we use a reliable device called: Precise Implants Capture (PIC) camera, which gathers the information and then transfers it to the design software. Finally, it creates the virtual model, which matches the mouth’s details perfectly.

In general terms, we do this to restore our patient´s smiles and improve their oral health. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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