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What Is Fluoride Treatment Used for? Enrich your Oral Health


What is fluoride treatment used for? There are several preventive, curative, restorative and follow-up treatments in the dentistry field. Among the preventive procedures, you will find the fluoride topical application is an effective compound that adds strength to the enamel surface of your teeth making them more resistant and less prone to cavity formation. Fluoride varnish provides great care to the teeth and helps increase the patient’s overall well-being. 

Fluoride is a trace mineral found naturally in certain foods and water. This mineral is used in dentistry because it helps the body build strong teeth and bones and prevents and reverses decay, when directly applied to the surface of your teeth.

You can find small amounts of fluoride in spinach, grapes, potatoes, raisins, black tea, and wine. A healthy diet favors your overall well-being, so it is recommended to get your daily dose of this mineral to ensure your wellness and a healthier smile. However, you can also get a fluoride treatment at the dentist’s office to promote your teeth’s health.

Fluoride Treatment

what-is-fluoride-treatment-used-forA fluoride treatment consists of applying a thin varnish layer of highly concentrated levels of fluoride to the patient’s teeth surface to strengthen the enamel, making teeth more resistant and less susceptible to tooth decay. People of any age can obtain oral health benefits from this treatment, since it can be applied to both temporary and permanent teeth.

Can kids have it?

Absolutely! In fact, it is recommended by pediatric dentists. Fluoride treatments help kids grow stronger teeth and prevent cavities and/or infections. A fluoride varnish can be used once babies have their first tooth, which usually happens around six months of age. Dental Alvarez has the best kid’s dentists in Tijuana, so reach out for an evaluation for the little ones at home. Remember that preventive procedures are less invasive, non-expensive, and they help prevent major dental issues at an adolescent and adult stage.

Will fluoride treatment help with sensitive teeth?

Yes! Tooth sensitivity is caused by enamel erosion and/or gum recession. By having a fluoride varnish, the enamel is re-hardened, therefore sensitivity decreases considerably.

How long does the effect last?

The effect of fluoride lasts for several months, but in order to enhance its benefits, it is recommended to reapply twice a year.

Nowadays, people tend to consume more processed and sugary foods, drinks, starch, and alcohol. This creates an acidic environment in the mouth, which helps bacteria grow and wears away the enamel. Improving your diet and going to your dental checkups will definitely help you have a healthier oral health and prettier smile. 

Protect your teeth by opting for preventive dentistry. Book an appointment in our dental clinic in Tijuana, Dental Alvarez, where you can find the best dentists in Tijuana who will take care of your smile.

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