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What to do: If you feel pain inside or around your one or more of your teeth


Both teeth and gums can harbor tooth infections, which can be located either in the root of the tooth, gums or bone that supports it. The origin of these infections, in most cases, is a result of poor oral hygiene and/or dental.

Conduct proper dental hygiene: Before thinking about how to relieve the pain of teeth, we must think about what should be done to prevent it, and make a proper dental hygiene is the simplest, and yet most important.

Not carried out, it forms what is known as dental plaque formed by Saliva with sugar residues of food, livelihood that helps protect more than 300 bacteria, creating an acidic environment that attacks enamel and tooth dentin and may cause tooth decay or periodontitis.

Common solutions to tooth pain


  • Avoid heat: In many cases, heat can help increase tooth pain, especially if you have sensitive teeth.
  • Icing: Contrary to heat, ice cold a sore tooth placed on top helps reduce pain, as long as you count on dental hypersensitivity.
  • No shut up: When the patient suffers from bruxism, sometimes it is advisable not to close the mouth or bite to avoid pain, to the specialist to solve the problem.
  • Eating on the other side of the mouth: Sometimes the pain is caused by trauma, in which case it is recommended to stop eating on the side which houses the tooth.
  • Take some aspirin: Both aspirin and natural remedies help reduce pain.
  • Exercising: Exercise is a natural release of endorphins which help us feel better. You can also visit this site webcam lesbians. It is scientifically proven that after moderate exercise, or just a walk in addition to distract the person of your toothache, it provides a superior welfare state and a reduction of pain sensation.

Of course in all these cases it is momentary solutions to eliminate pain as fast as possible. Whatever the situation, it is likely that the pain is caused due to a dental infection, so even though the pain is gone is very important to see a dentist to prevent recurrence and may be complicated in the future.

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