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April 12, 2021
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What to expect if the alternative to a root canal isn’t working?

Any other options that a friend, family member, or even a neighbor can provide as an alternative to a root canal procedure might sound like good ideas. Anything that will help you avoid going to the dentist due to fear, lack of time, or financial issues. There are so many reasons why going to a dentist does not make us comfortable. But at the end of the day, even if a toothache disappears, have in mind it will only be temporarily. It doesn’t mean it’s cured. When the root of the tooth stops providing signals of pain, it means that it has died and it needs attention as quickly as possible, dead tissue causes infection, and infection causes bone loss. Please do not wait for further damage to occur until the pain intensifies.

Contrary to popular belief, root canal treatments don’t cause pain or discomfort. The advances in the dental field are growing at an accelerated step. Continuing education of our dental specialists and advanced technology equipment helps us provide our patients exceptional service quality.

The objective of a root canal is:what-to-expect-if-the-alternative-to-a-root-canal-isnt-working-objective

  • Preserve the patient’s original teeth.
  • Provide an alternative to a dental bridge.
  • Get an alternative to a dental implant.
  • Restore chewing function.
  • Maintain the esthetics of the patient’s smile.
  • Stop the spread of infection towards other areas or bloodstream.

The evaluation process

Most of our patients think that taking out the tooth could resolve an infection issue quickly and happen to be correct, but would it be beneficial in the long run? Analysis, x-rays, and dental history evaluation are necessary before determining the best treatment plan alternative for you. A properly done dental procedure starts with a full detailed oral evaluation, x-rays, and the analysis of all the elements involved. Before reaching a conclusion, it needs to be taken into consideration, always informing the patient everything with clarity and proof.

We can provide a broad view of how a root canals in Tijuana procedure takes place to give a glimpse of how it would go if you decide to schedule a visit.

  • First, the dentist must create cavity access, depending on if the treated tooth is a molar, pre-molar, anterior, or previously restored with a crown; this access, in most cases, is towards the back or on the occlusal surface area.
  • Then the diseased pulp is removed; using several instruments and equipment such as an endodontic microscope, the root canal is cleaned and shaped before we proceed to fill.
  • For treatments requiring more than one visit due to infection, the dentist will restore the cavity access with a temporary filling or crown to protect the tooth until the next visit.
  • On the next visit, we remove temporary material, and we proceed to fill it permanently with a material that prevents bacteria from re-entering the root canals. This step involves inserting a material called gutta-percha in each of the canals and seal them in place with cement.
  • Once the canals heal, the endodontist will need to rebuild the structure on the tooth that was removed when the cavity was cleaned, and in some cases, place a post to give your tooth more support.
  • The last step of this procedure is to place a dental crown over the tooth to restore its shape and natural appearance.

We take care of your dental health

In Dental Alvarez, your smile is our passion. We aspire to see every patient in good hands, besides having all the possibilities to give ease of mind in their attention. We have a state-of-the-art dental laboratory in tijuana to offer a complete service. We also provide shuttle services for people who want to cross the San Ysidro US border, and if needed, payment assistance by accepting dental insurance in Tijuana and all major credit cards.

Don’t wait until your condition gets worse; home remedies might help in the short term, but they will not stop the core issue at hand.

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