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November 22, 2021
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When is it possible to use Invisalign? Who is not a candidate?


When your orthodontist’s diagnostic is that it is best for you to correct your bite and align your smile with conventional traditional braces, instead of Invisalign or clear aligners, you would probably like to know why especially if your first option is not traditional metallic braces. What aspects or characteristics of your bite position do not allow you to be a candidate for Invisalign?

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a system of clear aligners, where each aligner must be in the mouth for 15 days (22hrs a day), then the patient will be passed to the next aligner needed for the continual movement of the teeth.

In such a way, the appointments will be monthly or as indicated by your dentist, the following corresponding aligners will be given to you, and the process will repeat. It is important to do progress checkups as the treatment advances to avoid any unexpected complications and make sure the treatment is following the proper course.

Are there occlusal or misalignment orthodontic problems Invisalign can’t fix?

Yes, that would be severe bite position problems or the need for complex movements to achieve a correct bite position and alignment.

Who is not a good candidate for Invisalign?


  • Most patients qualify for Invisalign clear aligners, unless they require surgical procedures prior, during, or after your orthodontic treatment.
  • Not kids, even though Invisalign aligners (clear aligners) have systems for mixed dentition, it is always a challenge to make sure kids use clear aligners as indicated by the orthodontist specialist.
  • Patients that require complex movements of rotation and displacement, for this type of profile patients conventional fixed orthodontic appliances are a better alternative.
  • For patients whose lifestyles do not allow them to cooperate and compromise to follow the indications as specified by the orthodontist.

If you might not be a candidate for Invisalign, getting your dental braces in Tijuana is possible and you do not only have to choose between conventional metallic braces and Invisalign, other materials and systems are available to help you attain the evenly align smile you have always desired.

Make your question and ask our orthodontist more details about these other options such as clear sapphire braces or self-ligating clear braces for example.

Solving severe issues with the best orthodontic option for you

Every orthodontic case is different and might require additional dental treatments to accomplish the correct bite positioning and proper alignment, these additional procedures might include extractions, placement of mini-implant, attachment buttons, or fixed orthopedic appliances such as a palate expander to name a few.

Before a dentist becomes a proficient orthodontist, he or she will require extensive training and practice, doing inappropriate or very abrupt movements can not only not give you the optimal results but it could also cause damage in your bone or your teeth’ roots. When looking for an orthodontist make sure is a qualified trained specialist.

The dentist must know the mechanics of how the attachments function when they’re placed into position for each tooth movement, so they know which attachment to use at any given time during treatment. Therefore, Dental Alvarez only works with specialized dentists in Tijuana for the best outcome and process for each one of our patients.

Get the best dental team for your dental treatment plan

We will do our best to help you with any doubt that you may have. Having most specialists under the same roof allows us to get you the solutions you need the same day, and we can even check if your dental insurance in Tijuana can be accepted for your whole dental treatment. Call us at (619) 734 0233 or send a message at smile@dentalalvarez.com or our website: https://dentalalvarez.com/contact-us/

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