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Why Are Panoramic Radiographs Used in Dentistry? Is It Safe?


Why are panoramic radiographs used in dentistry? A panoramic x-ray is required at least once a year during a dental check-up, some dental illnesses such as decay, periodontal disease or infections and many other dental conditions that are not observable with a clinical examination can advance in a matter of a few months, therefore monitoring our health, not only with a comprehensive oral evaluation, but also with x-rays is best.

Panoramic radiographs are a type of X-ray that  provide a full view of our mouth, which make them an ideal support tool for a comprehensive oral evaluation. They show a two-dimensional image of the patient’s mouth, the teeth’s position, and also their surrounding structures such as the mandible’s and maxilla’s bone and gingiva, which helps your oral health provider evaluate every aspect of your mouth for a better evaluation and treatment plan.

Along with periapical and bite wings, panoramic X-rays allow dentists to detect dental conditions deeper than the level of the teeth’s root tip, such as cysts or tumors, that could silently be affecting your bone. If not detected on time, they could cause irreparable damage. Cysts, tumors and periodontal disease cause bone loss and at an advanced stage bone can’t be fully regenerated.

why-are-panoramic-radiographs-used-in-dentistryBoth  cysts and tumors can be benign or malignant, but detecting them on time is key. Getting a diagnosis at an early stage will considerably increase the chances of recovering successfully. The sooner the dentist knows of their existence, the better because proper pathological studies can be performed to act accordingly.

Panoramic radiographs are a diagnostic  tool not only to offer a fully comprehensive treatment plan and a long-term solution for someone’s dental issues, but also to help us identify pathological problems at the osseous level, such as bone infections.

Are panoramic radiographs safe?

We know radiation can be harmful and linked to cancer. However, the risk of developing cancer due to dental X-rays exposure is very minimum, especially with modern digital x-ray equipment, which produces up to 90 percent less radiation than with conventional x-ray machines. A person would have to be exposed to these rays frequently over years to increase that risk.

Let’s not forget that X-rays are part of preventive medicine and, despite the very low chance of being harmful, they help doctors and dentists determine the right treatment for their patients,while increasing their quality of life.

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