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Why is Tijuana Becoming the Hub of Dental Care?

Dental Care in México.

It’s no secret  that all healthcare in the United States is quickly rising, including dental care. Oral health is extremely important, yet the cost is exorbitant, even with dental insurance. For too long, dental care has been viewed as a luxury, when it is so much more than cosmetic. Americans, in particular, have been traveling to Mexico for decades now, seeking affordable dental care that they can’t find in their country.

Tijuana is located just across the border from San Diego. Thousands of patients cross the border to Tijuana annually for both medical and dental care. You can receive the same quality of care as in the U.S., if not better, at a fraction of the cost up to 75 percent less. Additionally, many Tijuana dentists also accept U.S. dental insurance plans which is a win for everyone involved. 

Dental offices in Tijuana know that they have to compete with dental offices in the U.S. so they make patient care a high priority. Many even offer shuttles from the border to their office. Additionally, to save patients from wandering all over town to different offices, most dental practices usually have specialists in their staff of dentists, such as a periodontist, endodontist, and orthodontist. As well as dentists that specialize in pediatric and cosmetic dentistry. 

Dental offices in Tijuana, such as Dental Alvarez, offer the same types of procedures you will find in the U.S. including braces, root canals, crowns, dental implants and more.

Dental offices in Tijuana.

Dental offices Dental Alvarez.

Their schedule availability is much better and quicker because dental offices in Mexico have longer working hours than dentists in the U.S. In addition to this many dentists have an in-house laboratory to make crowns, veneers and other prosthetics, making the overall process quicker. Tijuana dentists also offer between 1 and 5 year guarantees for their services, which is more than their U.S. competitors. 

Because dental offices in Tijuana cater to Americans, their staff speak English to assure they are well understood. Other popular tourist locations in Tijuana such as hotels, restaurants and shops also have English speaking staff so communication is not a barrier to visit your neighbour country and get advantage of the many products and services Tijuana has to offer. 

Unless you happen to live close to the San Ysidro crossing, chances are you may need to stay in or near Tijuana for a few days. Or maybe you’d simply like to make the trip a vacation as well. Either way, Tijuana has many wonderful things to enjoy while you’re there. I mean, it is called “dental tourism”, right?  

Check out the Turista Libre for amazing guided tours featuring the beach, food, and other specialty themes. Try fine cuisine at one of the innovative restaurants serving “Baja Med” cuisine that celebrates the combination of Mexican food influenced by Mediterranean flavors that thrive in the Baja peninsula climate. Embrace Mexican culture at Centro Cultural Tijuana or take some with you by purchasing art from Pasaje Rodríguez Arte y Diseño. Along the way, feel free to peruse shops run by the locals with jewelry, leather goods and many more fascinating items.  

The border crossing closest to Tijuana is San Ysidro and is within walking distance or a short taxi ride. Also, did you know that San Diego is a short 32 minute drive from Tijuana? It is easy to cross the border into Mexico and back for dental services, including a special fast track lane when returning to the U.S. 

There are many wonderful, fully certified dentists in Tijuana, such as the team at Dental Alvarez. Well-trained dentists in Tijuana offer clean, safe practices conveniently located just across the border at just a fraction of the cost found at U.S. practices.

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