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September 24, 2016

Why soda or citrus drinks, can wear down the surface of the teeth?


Most people are aware that drinking soda or citrus drinks is bad for your teeth, causing enamel erosion, but not everyone knows why this type of liquids have negative effects on our teeth.

This happens because any kind of soda, and fruit juices, sports drinks and wine, among other liquids, are sources of citric acid, which can severely wear down tooth enamel.

While many of the fruits and even some vegetables have at least a minimal amount of citric acid, the reality is that it is more concentrated in the juices of lemon, lime, orange and grape general, acidic fruits have a higher degree of acid content.

What exactly does citric acid do to our teeth?


What citric acid (from fruit and soft drinks) does is that calcium that conforms the tooth surface dissolves, causing descalcification and softening thereof which in turn causes enamel erosion and the appearance of plaque.

In addition, once lost teeth enamel, they become very fragile and sensitive to pain, and ultimately, all this opens the possibility that bacteria can invade and cause the gradual loss of teeth.

What is more dangerous?

Studies have shown that, contrary to what one might think, the damage caused by energy and sports drinks, as well as for the lemonade, is between 3 and 11 times greater than can what soda can do.

This happens because as the “cola” drinks containing citric acid and phosphoric acid, both causing damage to the enamel, sports drinks have acid additives that accelerate enamel erosion. In fact, this type of beverage can even cause more permanent damage than soda.


Of course the simplest way to avoid problems with the enamel because of such beverages is precisely to avoid consuming them. However, if this is ever going to be “inevitable”, the best option would be to eat them during meals, because food chewing saliva produces acid sweeping the teeth.

Once food intake, you should brush your teeth and rinse with water to thereby cause the production of saliva. Another couple of tips is to try to consume soft drinks and fruit juices using a straw, since this will reduce the exposure of teeth to acid. Finally, it is important to mention that cold beverages cause less acid erosion than warm drinks.

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