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Get your Prescription Filled at Dental Alvarez


At Dental Alvarez we work day in and day out to offer one of the best dental services in Tijuana in and out of our dental clinic, searching for new and exciting ways to improve, and above all, to make your visit so good that you want to return soon for your next appointment.

And one of the ways we’re going to pamper you is with a fresh alliance we made with a local pharmacy, now you can fill out your prescription while you’re waiting for your dentist or getting a procedure done; that way you don’t have to go outside searching for a pharmacy once your treatment is done.

To help you be at ease neither the pharmacy nor Dental Alvarez charge a fee for the delivery, in fact, the pharmacy will add all the normal discounts they apply to walk in customers at their shop =)

Now that we got you all excited you’re probably asking yourself: What do I need to do to use this great and free benefit?


  1. Ask your receptionist that you would like to get a prescription filled and that you are going to pay in pesos or dollars.
  2. The receptionist calls the pharmacy and informs them the medicine our patient needs.
  3. The pharmacy confirms that they have everything in stock and gives us the total amount to be paid.
  4. We inform our patient about the costs, and ask for the money they are paying with and tell the pharmacy to bring exact change for that amount.
  5. The pharmacy brings the medicine and they give it to the patient and in case the patient is getting a treatment we will hold the medicine for them.

With this and other ways we try to make your experience an even better one; we would also like to inform you that the pharmacy regularly takes 20 to 30 minutes in bringing the medicine once we confirm the purchase.

Hope everything is well with your family and to see you on your next dental appointment.

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