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How long does a dental resin last? What are the advantages?

What is dental bonding? How long does a dental resin last? What are the benefits of this treatment? When it comes to oral health, it is better to find the best dental clinic to offer quality and safe, long-lasting solutions for your needs. Our group of specialized dentists in Tijuana is a great choice to get the best dental treatments at an affordable price. At Dental Alvarez, we take care of your teeth and overall oral health. Our advanced technology and years of experience can only result in the best outcomes regardless of your situation.

Dental bonding

Our dental solutions are exceptionally effective due to the high-quality materials we use in any treatment and the continuous education of our dental providers. For example, one of many dental solutions to enhance your smile and improve your oral health is a dental resin procedure, most commonly known as a dental bonding or dental filling. It consists of a tooth-colored resin applied to cover a discolored tooth or to fill a cavity caused by decay. If you are unaware of the specifics of dental bonding, we can guide you through every step of the process.

How long does a dental resin last? It can last 3 to 8 years, depending on your habits, salivary pH, and diet. It is essential to attend to regular maintenance biannual check-ups and professional dental cleanings to make sure your dental restorations are in good condition. If your dental fillings deteriorate or are not in good condition, your dentist might suggest replacing them with new ones. Usually, with time and regular use, dental resins present microfractures in the sealing lines; this lack of sealing puts your teeth at risk of decay formation under the restoration. The advantages of this treatment, to mention a few, are that it is affordable, can be done in a single appointment, and helps strengthen the tooth.

Dental veneers

Dental veneers are another alternative to treat chipped or misshapen teeth, even a gap between them. This thin cover adheres to teeth giving them a more natural shape and improving the appearance of teeth for you to feel confident when smiling.

Composite resin veneers

Composite resin veneers could mean fewer visits to the dentist, but it is still essential to get a revision to ensure they are working correctly. The main benefit is that removing a lot of enamel is unnecessary.

Composite resin veneers could be completed in fewer visits to the dentist. However, it is still essential to get a revision to ensure they are in optimal condition and that you are correctly taking care of them. The main benefit is that it is a single-day and non-invasive dental procedure.

Are you looking for more solutions for your oral health? Our professional dentists provide many other treatments for whatever dental issue you are experiencing, such as dental crowns, dental implants, periodontal diseases, teeth whitening, and root canals in Tijuana.

Contact us at Dental Alvarez if you have any questions. Our staff will provide all the information you need about our services. You will also learn more about our policies regarding American dental insurance in Tijuana and how you can benefit from them. We specialize in dental treatments to improve the natural appearance of your teeth while restoring their natural function.

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