July 26, 2022

High-quality dental crowns for front teeth in Tijuana

At Dental Alvarez, we offer treatments such as crowns for the front teeth which will protect your valuable dentures and prevent health issues that poor oral health can cause.
July 19, 2022

How long does a dental resin last? What are the advantages?

How long does a dental resin last? What are the advantages of this treatment? At Dental Alvarez, we repair and restore your teeth with care and innovation.
July 15, 2022

Get the complete dental reconstruction your teeth deserve

With the help of our dentists, you will get the complete dental reconstruction you deserve. At Dental Alvarez we offer quality and long-lasting results.
July 10, 2022

How do we treat and prevent the most common dental diseases?

At Dental Alvarez, we know exactly how to treat the most common dental diseases. We provide the best dental services to improve your oral health and smile.