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Reasons for a coffee stain on teeth to appear and how to solve them


There are various reasons for a coffee stain on teeth to appear. It not only depends on the frequency of your consumption of coffee but also on your oral hygiene and implementing a correct brushing technique.

Oral health, in general, determines tooth discoloration, so once you have been fully evaluated by your dentist and medical professional, they will have confirmed if both your oral and medical health is overall in good condition. Therefore, being able to focus on how to solve the coffee staining problem.

“Please! Don’t ask me to quit coffee,” some patients have said to us when we confirm coffee consumption is the reason for the stain on their teeth. Let us assure coffee drinkers don’t need to quit coffee. Let us tell you more about how some other lifestyle factors could be increasing the chance of stains on teeth.

Other reasons teeth could be predisposed to staining

From old damage to genetics, it all comes together to play an important reason why some people tend to have a stronger predisposition to stains than others. Unfortunately, genetic information is something we can’t control nor stop. However, we decide on our lifestyle habits and can seek the right dental treatments that contribute to a better cosmetic-looking smile and better oral health.

Dental problems


  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)
  • Untreated tooth decay (caries)
  • Tartar build-up
  • Teeth demineralization (sensitivity)
  • An acidic environment in the mouth
  • A worn dental filing

Lifestyle habits

  • Drinking many dark-colored drinks, especially ones that contain tannins
  • Chewing tobacco and smoking
  • Brushing with activated charcoal
  • Brushing with lemon juice & baking soda
  • Brushing too vigorously
  • Using a toothbrush with medium or firm bristles

We strongly urge people to visit specialized dentists in Tijuana to care for any dental problem properly. Once it is taken care of correctly, your habits changes can also help make you smile. As you can see, there are things that you have control over by reducing, quitting, or finding a solution with a dentist.

What can I do to lower the possibility of having coffee stains?

  • Find the dental problem with your dentist and follow through to the treatment until it’s safe to use cosmetic dentistry options
  • Floss. F​​lossing is the most effective and helps clean 35% of the surfaces a toothbrush nor mouth wash can’t reach
  • Using a straw to drink coffee could help set up the time to brush your teeth properly and floss. However, food particles can be building up in the gums and cause other problems besides causing stains, and straw might miss the front teeth side of them, but not behind it
  • Using SLS-free toothpaste helps reduce sensitivity. Talk with your dentist if this could be a practical option for you
  • Stop using whitening strips; this might be causing demineralization, making the teeth even more prone to stain in the long term. Talk to your dentist before having teeth whitening in Tijuana

Get in contact with our dentists in Tijuana to clear any questions you might have regarding the importance of visiting a dentist for treatment.

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