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Could I remove those brown stains on teeth from braces?


Having your braces removed after a long treatment time feels magnificent, but could you remove those brown stains on teeth from braces? If you have recently had your braces removed and notice brown stains around the area where each bracket used to be, this happens due to the combination of two reasons:

  1. Conventional metallic braces can cause pH variations. If combined with the consumption of foods with high levels of acids and sugar, plus poor oral hygiene, discoloration due to teeth demineralization can very likely occur
  2. The care you had during your orthodontic treatment was probably not very good

Preventing stains on teeth

If you are about to start orthodontic treatment, and you want to make sure no staining occurs, make sure you ask your orthodontist if there is special care you need to have during the procedure. Ask about certain foods or damaging dental habits you should avoid.

Besides having meticulous oral hygiene and professional dental cleanings during your orthodontic treatment, it is important to consider avoiding heavy-colored foods and beverages, e.g., candy, wine.

Since teeth are porous, they absorb the colorants from liquids and food. If it isn’t washed away or cleaned regularly, people with braces may get more stains between their dental exams. In general, it’s a normal occurrence if a consistent oral hygiene routine is not followed.

What are other things that cause stains on teeth due to braces?could-i-remove-those-brown-stains-on-teeth-from-braces

Braces themselves don’t cause discoloration, and it has to do more about the oral hygiene routine taken by the orthodontic patient during their treatment. Here are some examples of what causes the brown stains on the teeth, especially around each bracket:

  • Tooth demineralization causes brown stains and makes your teeth more prone to decay due to the progressive loss of the minerals that make up the enamel. Reducing the consumption of certain foods and maintaining good hygiene helps to reverse this damage
  • Beverages such as tea, coffee, wine, heavy-colored liquids, or any liquid with tannins
  • Candies with heavy colorants
  • Unremoved food residue, which causes tartar buildup
  • Accumulation of tartar
  • Smoking or chewing tobacco

Have a dental professional help with your dental hygiene

No matter the circumstance in which you are with your dental braces treatment, having a professional cleaning always helps control plaque. Keeping your natural tooth color doesn’t mean you need to quit dark foods or hot foods. Even some patients have an impeccable hygiene routine, but some medical conditions and medications cause stained teeth.

Our specialists in dental braces in Tijuana can identify the most common reasons that can be producing your discolored teeth and the best treatment or recommendations to eliminate or revert the problem for you to keep having a white and cavity-free smile.

If you end up with teeth stains after braces, we can do things to make them disappear. There are different ways to get rid of braces stains, depending on the cause. Always work with specialized dentists in Tijuana because the best method for you may be different.

Call our dentists in Tijuana with any questions about your oral health and visit our Tijuana dental clinic.

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