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How to Prepare Children for the Dentist, So They Enjoy It


Taking your kids to the dentist can feel like an overwhelming task if you’re foreseeing tantrums happening. Therefore, you may need some recommendations on how to prepare children for the dentist. We know even adults can experience certain levels of anxiety and unease regarding a dentist appointment, so you might take some of these tips for yourself as well. Let’s get right to it!

Enjoying or hating the experience begins days (or even months) before the appointment. Yes! We said enjoying. It all depends on our idea about health and self-care when it comes to visiting the dentist. 

1.Create an oral health routine at home.

This is what we mean by saying the experience begins days before the appointment. 

By having an oral health routine, the kid internalizes and normalizes the habit of hygiene, which is primordial to having healthy mouths and teeth. 

Not only will that make the contact with the dentist less emotionally disruptive but also probably physically, if there are no serious cavities or rotten teeth, to begin with.

2. Don’t ever threaten your children with medical interventions. how-to-prepare-children-for-the-dentist

Come on! We’ve been there, we were also children and some of us were intentionally scared by the adults around us saying all the terrible and bloody things the dentist would do to us if we kept eating candy or not brushing our teeth.

You can imagine the terror display you will have to witness if this is what your children have heard about the dentist. 

Keep it gentle for them. Allow them to create positive associations with medical experiences and how taking care of one’s health will bring long-term well-being.

3. Show and tell.

It’s well-known that children pay more attention to actions than words.

Begin with having your own oral health routine and have them around to see. Kids imitate what they see! If you floss and brush after eating a meal, they will just adopt it as normal. 

Encourage them to do it as well and allow fun into it, if they want to bring their favorite stuffed animal and have their teeth brushed too, that’s a good idea!

If you have a dentist appointment for yourself, act normal and relaxed around it. 

Think of it, if an adult is scared of the dentist, what could a defenseless child expect?

4. Allow your children to be scared.

Check in with your children before the appointment a couple of times.

Ask them how they’re feeling about it, and let them be scared if that’s the case. 

Work with it and not against it. Ask them how they would feel more secure during the appointment. For some, having their favorite toy with them or their “courage jacket” will work.

5. Find the right fit.

Surely most dentists will have the required knowledge and experience to get the job done, but how they treat the patients also matters.

If possible, meet your children’s dentist and their office before the appointment. Look for colors, posters, figurines, etc. The environment can shape and transform the experience for your kids. 

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