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October 29, 2020
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November 11, 2020

Using 3D dental scan technology for your dental diagnosis


Types of tools to acquire a 3D dental scan

Using a 3D dental scan that provides a valuable new perspective from which a dentist specialist can work on. We use two ways of 3D dental scan technology in our dental clinic.

A 3D dental scan can be done by:

  • Computed Tomography (CT dental scan) is made by an x-ray arm that rotates around the head, which captures multiple images, sending them to the computer to get them all together into a 3D format. Making it possible to have a very clear and detailed picture of a patient’s mouth and its components, such as the position of the teeth, soft tissues, nerve pathways and bone density. This is the main reason dentists use a 3D dental scan to provide a proper diagnostic and by consequence, the best treatment plan for it, especially if it’s for a dental surgery, dental implants in Tijuana, and other important procedures.
  • Intraoral scanner is a good substitute for the use of dental molding, but it is also used for other purposes too. An intraoral scanner captures a direct optical impression. A light source projects onto the area to be scanned, which provides the images from the sensor into the computer software to produce a 3D dental model. Which makes it quicker to provide any type of dental prosthesis transitional, permanent, fixed, or removable or even for orthodontics aligners. Here at Dental Alvarez we use the best intraoral scanner, to guarantee our patients comfort, Trios intraoral scanner.

Is it necessary to use a 3D dental scan to have a proper dental diagnosis?

The decision of using a CT dental scan or a trios intraoral scanner will depend on each patient’s case and their needs. There are certain symptoms or procedures that require the use of this useful equipment such as the case of planning for a surgical placement of an implant of lifting a collapse sinus for example, in this case the use of 3D dental scan and CT dental scan reduce the risk of failure to almost zero.

In no case or situation we grant a treatment plan without performing a detailed clinical oral evaluation, our method is to rely on several elements before giving a diagnostic, these elements are: full set of x-rays, intraoral scan, CT scan, and inter-consultations with our highly qualify team of specialist that for the comfort of our patients can be found under the same roof.

The best treatment options for our patients

For us, our patients’ opinion and knowledge of their issues and treatment solution is very important, the reason why we guide them through all the details, clear their doubts, and answer their questions; after all, it’s their smiles we are working on. Everyone has a right to know which steps need to be taken for their well being, besides having the proper proof to back it up.

In Dental Alvarez we upgrade our equipment to assure our patients receive the oral healthcare they deserve. With the support of our in site laboratory, which is fully equipped with state of the art technology that allows us to provide our team of specialized dentists in Tijuana with services they can guarantee.

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